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Flight From the Dark – Background


So, what is the story so far?

How far back do you really want to go, hmmm?






Ah, Douglas Adams, you are sorely missed.

In any event, veterans of the Lone Wolf series know that Joe Dever has created an extensive world history for Magnamund, the location of the Lone Wolf adventures. However, I’m only going to summarise the brief material at the start of Flight of the Dark.

For starters, we are provided with a beautiful map of the area known as ‘the Lastlands’.

Project Aon link – Map of the Lastlands

In the land of Sommerlund, many children are sent for their education to the monastery dedicated to the god Kai.  The Kai are a combination of the rangers from Lord of the Rings and Jedi Knights.  They have significant talents related to woodcraft, along with certain supernatural abilities (see previous blog entry).

Many centuries ago, the Darklords (with a name like that, you just knew they were the baddies.  How many peace-loving supermarkets are called Darklord Groceries??) were defeated in battle by King Ulnar of Sommerlund.  Ulnar used a magnicent weapon called the Sommerswerd to slay the ‘head honcho’ Darklord, known as Vashna.

The Darklords, having metaphorically (or literally, for all I know) licked their wounds for centuries, now inhabit the land to the west of Sommerlund, with the countries separated by a mountain range.

Today is the Christmas-esque feast of Fehmarn, and all Kai Lords have been summoned to the ‘home base’ of the Kai monastery.  Gosh, all the skilled good guys are gathered and vulnerable to an attack, with all hope (as we shall see) resting on a sole survivor…..hmmm, did this gamebook come out before or after The Last Starfighter?

In any event, our hero, Silent Wolf, has been sent to gather firewood due to inattention in class.  An inauspicious beginning, and we’re just getting started!  The second paragraph featuring our hero informs us that, as he sees a vast cloud of evil flying beasties descend on the monastery, he smashes his head into a low hanging branch and is knocked out cold.

When he awakes hours later, the monastery has been effectively destroyed and the warrior monks of the Kai are all dead.

Realising he is the last survivor of his kind, Silent Wolf renames himself… [dramatic beat]

Lone Wolf.

Aside : Not to undercut the drama of the moment, but we’ve (so far) discovered that Lone Wolf is an indifferent student, that he can’t run through the woods without knocking himself out and that he seems to have survived through the dumb luck of being beneath the notice of those committing the massacre.

Oh well….



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