Glad to see you!  This is the debut post for my Playthrough of the Lone Wolf series of gamebooks.  For those that are unfamiliar with gamebooks, I refer you to this definition.

If you are reading my writings for the first time, you should first feel free (ooh! alliteration!) to check out my playthrough of the Way of the Tiger series which clocks up over 160 posts of well-intentioned bumbling and self-deprecating mockery, as I clumsily make my way through a total of eight (8) gamebooks.

For those that know me and / or gamebooks, but are not familiar with Lone Wolf, I’ll briefly say that :

  • The series was initiated by British gamebook guru Joe Dever, with a number of illustrators, starting with Gary Chalk.
  • The series chronicles the adventurers of Lone Wolf, who starts as a partly-trained Initiate of the warrior monk followers of the god Kai.
  • My understanding is that there are, at last count, 28 (!!) books in the series, of which I own the paper copies of exactly half, being the first 14.
  • Perhaps most important, Mr Dever (together with other copyright holders) agreed some years ago to make the entirety of the series (together with various ancillary materials) available free of charge at Project Aon.  I intend to make use of this fantastic tool for this playthrough although I do have the originals to hand.
  • All material licensed by Mr Dever (and others) for use by Project Aon is for personal use, and not reproduction.  For all images from the books referenced by this blog, the original location will be cited and linked.  I do not claim any proprietary interest in these images whatsoever.

I’m going to spend one post summarising the mechanics of the Lone Wolf system (which differs markedly from Way of the Tiger) and another setting out the history of the world of Magnamund and Lone Wolf personally.

And then – on with the show!

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