Flight From the Dark

Flight From The Dark – Attempt 1, Part 1

Book 1, Attempt 1, Part 1!


Since I’m apparently working my way through quirky, yet brilliant, British authors, I assume Neil Gaiman will be next…

In any event, I need to pick my skills! (known as ‘Kai Disciplines’ or KDs).

From my own personal attempts at these book in my youth, I’m pretty confident that Healing and Sixth Sense are necessities.  From the remainder, I’ll pick Tracking, Hunting and Mind Over Matter.

For my initial scores, my R10 scores aren’t great, with a Combat Skill score of

2 + 10 = 12, and an Endurance total of 0 + 20 = 20.

Hmm, maybe there’s the reason why Lone Wolf was behind on his lessons and kept running into tree branches.

I have 3 Gold Crowns (GCs), the universal currency of these parts, and am toting an Axe and 1 Meal on my person.  Scrounging through the ruins of the Monastery, I find nothing but a Map of the local lands and a Spear, which I also snaffle until something better comes along.

I decide that the first order of business is to journey (craftily, of course) to Holmgard (the capital) and inform the King that an invasion is underway, and also that the order of Kai Lords have now gone the way of the dinosaurs.

I swallow my tears, and vow vengeance for my comrades.  Unfortunately, I’m stuck with the moniker Lone Wolf, as Avenger has apparently been taken.



I hurry down the hill upon which the monastery stood, and confront a classic gamebook decision – left or right?  Interestingly, my Sixth Sense informs me that neither path is preferable, as various evil minions are sweeping the paths for survivors.  I can leave the path and travel via the woods to the south or north-east.  Its counter-intuitive, but I think circling around to the north-east may be preferable to heading directly south.

As I make my way through the woods, I see several Kraan (the quasi-pterodactyl creatures who attacked the monastery) ridden by Mountain Giaks.  Giaks are the goblin-esque servants of the Darklords who will, presumably, be cannon fodder for our hero moving forward.

In an exposition-heavy moment, the omniscient narrator mentions that the Giaks constructed the Darklord city of Mount Doom…(ahem) I mean, Helgedad, and that many of them perished and ‘only the strong survived’.

Darwin in action.

Back in woodcraft-central, I hide beneath the trees before moving on.

I move another quarter-mile or so, before hearing sounds of fighting and thunder.  Hoping I haven’t stumbled into a scene from the Avengers, I see a clearing with a ruined temple, and about 25 Giaks surrounding some enemy that is sending bolts of blue lightning at them.

Coming even closer, I see that the ruins are being defended by a young magician wearing the robes of the Magicians’ Guild of Toran, who I gather are the wizarding equivalent of the Kai Lords.

Project Aon link – Illustration of Magician

As he holds off five of the attackers on his own, I notice that one has crept in from behind, and is perched on a pillar behind him, with the melodramatic dagger clenched in his (its?) teeth.  I can :

  • Shout a warning to the wizard;
  • Run forward and attack the creature as it attacks;
  • Throw a chunk of marble at its head;
  • Leave and run away.

I’m thinking that option 4 is a particularly inauspicious option for our aspiring hero.  The chunk of marble choice seems random (no Weaponskill in marble blocks), and running forward may well mean I’m too late.  It seems that, for once, calling out “Look out behind you!” may actually work!

The wizard whips around and sends a bolt of deadly energy at the Giak who dies on the spot.  They run screaming into the woods, while the wizard walks over, extending his hand in friendship.

Given that I’m yet to kill or even wound a single enemy, I’m hoping the friendship isn’t entirely one way…


Stats :

CS : 12, E : 20, GC 3,

Weapons : Axe, Spear

Backpack : Meal

Special Items : Map

Final paragraph : 241

21 thoughts on “Flight From The Dark – Attempt 1, Part 1

    1. The objection to Free Speech is that people can say things that are untrue, divisive and rabble rousing. The reality is that without Free Speech its even easier to get away with saying those sorts of things. I’m sure someone else has said that better.

      Personally I like Peter Ustinov’s cold war line. In the communist countries the people are not allowed to express their opinions which are then ignored. In democratic countries the people are allowed to express their opinions which are then ignored.


  1. Back to subject, Helgedad literally translates as Black City/Town (yes, this does matter to me, sorry) … so your Mount Doom gag wasn’t as far off as some might imagine. Living just up the road from Blackrock and in a city whose name comes from Black/Dark Pool I’m in no position to criticise Darklord naming techniques.

    More worringly with a CS of 12 and no Weaponmastery I’m not hopeful on your long term survival prospects, good luck.

    P.s. its hard to go wrong with Terry Pratchett quotes.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think Weaponskill is over-rated, since SPOILER you really have to use a particular weapon from Book 2 onwards, and if you don’t have Weaponskill in that choice (which is 80% likely) then Weaponskill is useless until Book 6.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay, Lone Wolf! Really going to enjoy your take on my favorite series.

    As a child/teenager, my holy trinity of skills was Weaponmastery/Psy-Surge/Healing. Yep, all about the numbers. While I do get what you’re saying about the Sommerswerd, your rolls are definitely abysmal and you’re going to struggle. Assuming you survive the first book and never reroll, some fights are going to be very frustrating as from book 8 or 9 onwards, some enemies are drastically boosted when you fight them with the magic sword in an attempt to balance the gameplay.

    Eh, good luck anyway, will follow your progress daily.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I was going to mention this at the appropriate time (and will, since not everyone will read this post) but :
      – Same as Way of the Tiger, I was going to ‘restart’ at the start of the book in which I died.
      – However, since it would be silly to stick by a low initial score, each ‘resurrection’ would have a new Combat Skill and Endurance calculation.

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      1. I see. Since you keep the same character from book 1 to 20, I never rerolled my initial stats after finishing the first adventure but after all, no reason not to, that’s just teenager reasoning 🙂

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      2. You are probably being more ‘true’ to the idea of the books, but I’m happy to sacrifice a little of that for RPG reality. Even if the initial R10 was 9, I was still going to follow that rule.


  3. Yay, Lone Wolf! Really going to enjoy reading your take on my favorite series daily.

    I agree with Fenrir that with rolls so low, it would nearly be preferable that you fail your first attempt. The issue with the Sommerswerd is that after a few books, the author started boosting dramatically the stats of some monsters when you fight them with it, in order to balance the gameplay. 12/20 is not going to cut it then, and I imagine book 1 is the only occasion you will have of rerolling your starting stats.

    Good luck anyway, I’m on board 🙂

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  4. Fair enough. Browsing another blog, it seems that the new editions (as featured on Project Aon) have toned down some of the most unfair fights, at least a bit, so you might be fine!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. 3CS/6E can make a big difference either way. But yes, in some books the Sommerswerd is a liability. There are quite a lot of ways to buff your stats otherwise though.

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