Flight From the Dark

Flight From the Dark – Attempt 2, Part 1

Well, unlike real life, you get to have a few trial runs in gamebooks.

Let’s face it, R10s of 2 and 0 (for CS and E respectively) were never going to get me that far, and it only took two fights for this to be demonstrated as correct.


Lone Wolf (the Second) arise from your slumber!

New scores : CS : 17 (!) is a bit better but Endurance is still (!) 20

I get 6 Gold Crowns, and also find an old sword in the ruins of the Monastery.

I essentially travel the same path for the initial path of the book.  I move off the path (warned by my Sixth Sense), and rescue Banedon with a well-timed warning.  He gifts me his Crystal Star as a token of our friendship, and I move on.

I once more decline to investigate the (quiet) village with the tell-tale Giak tracks, and again confront the Vordak with its pet raven.

I manage to slay the Vordak, this time only losing 4 Endurance in the process.  Wary of its burning effects, I leave the Vordak gem in its place, and quickly leave the scene of the crime.

This time, as I force my way through the bushes I only lose 1 Endurance point (but gain 2 due to the passage of two paragraphs).

At this time – E = 17

After another two paragraphs, I once more confront the (supposedly spooky) cave in the mountainside, and resolve to extract a bloody vengeance for my previous incarnation of Lone Wolf!

A remember of the Barrowcrawler’s stats : (CS 17, E 7)

This time, due to some lucky R10 calculations, I actually manage to knock the monstrosity off, without losing a single Endurance point!


Thanks, bro.


In any event, I’m now suffering a serious panic attack, given that, so far this morning, I’ve been knocked unconscious, witnessed the aftermath of the massacre of my comrades, endured the attacks by Giaks (and a Vordak!), dealt with the fashion issues caused by my green cloak, muddled through the (foolish!) cave expedition, lamented the lack of WiFi coverage and so forth.



The practical effort of these issues is that I momentarily lose my focus, grab something that I think is my belt (!!) from the jaws of the dead creature and flee to the blessed, blessed light of the outside world.


Indeed, sir, indeed.

Back in the land of (relative) sanity I discover that what I grabbed from the monstrosity in the darkness was in fact the belt of a total (and presumably dead) stranger.  My Kai moral compass evidently has no issue with taking the possessions of the dead, so I snaffle 20 Gold Crowns and a Dagger (discarding the Axe, which I don’t feel will be much good moving forward.

As I, weighed down with my new wealth, move through the forest, I spy a bunch of refugees, making their way along the open road.  I can either remain under the cover of the trees, or walk with the refugees, trying to find information.

Given that the whole point of this trek is to bring urgent information (regarding the Kai massacre) to the King, I take it on board that part of my mission is to gain useful intelligence from these people.  I therefore move onto the road, attempting to gain their confidence.

(Endurance back to 20)

What could possibly go wrong?

Stats : CS : 17, E : 20, GC 26,

Weapons : Dagger, Sword

Backpack : Meal

Special Items : Map, Crystal Star

Final paragraph : 157


13 thoughts on “Flight From the Dark – Attempt 2, Part 1

  1. Just looking at your Twitter Feed…what is wrong on a public vote for SSM, other countries have done it without much bloodletting and divisiveness? Champagne Socialists treat the Australian public with so much disdain,by saying,that Australians are too immature, unintelligent, unsophisticated etc to deal with this debate…so insulting and disrespectful!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Do you think treating gay people as second-class is a MORAL choice? And all other laws aren’t based on moral considerations? Can we have a nationwide vote on whether religions can continue to be exempt from tax?


    1. In a democracy, it should be the will of the people, not the will of the MINORITY arrogant, faux socialist elitists, on twitter. The issue has taken an insidious tone in Australia, in that the Left of politics, are treating the Australian public with utter contempt.


      1. 1 Then why pay MPs? Are you saying every individual issue should go to a countrywide vote? 2 The Tories have already said that the plebiscite won’t be binding, which makes it even more a waste of time and money 3 why didn’t Howard have a plebiscite before he put the relevant Marriage Act amendment in 2004?


  2. Too tired to argue lefty. I have to get up at 5. I didnt say anything about treating gays as second class. I couldnt care less what happens. We are all doomed either way. I am just pointing out that this is not just a legal issue and Howard astutely recognised this. Good night. You will keep xx


  3. (Fenrir raises his head like a frightened rabbit, stands up to look around like a frantic meerkat, decides its safe for the moment).

    No EP lost in killing the Borrowcrawlers? Who’s Awesome? YOU’RE AWESOME.
    As an unimportant titbit, according to the Novels the Burrowcrawlers were directly created by Naar to plague the people of Magnamund, but it then admitted that Lone Wolf didn’t really care about that as he was too busy fighting for his life.

    The Vordak gem could save your life later but hopefully you won’t need it, actually I NEVER understood that entry, the Novels just avoided it. Also re looting the dead, technically all the things you looted from the Kai monastery belonged to the dead too so while whoever owned the backpack would probably kill you if they were still alive, sadly they’re not.

    Fortunatly you should be safe now, surely noone would ever attack helpless refugees…

    (Hearing a cry of “VOTE…” Fenrir dives for cover.)

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      1. I have set up a WordPress account solely so that I can like your comments… so, do you have much experience with crazed stalkers?

        Less seriously, while the books were generally well-written, I didn’t like their take on Magnamund, Lone Wolf, Ishtar, Kai, The Darklords, Naar, Helghasts, Vashna etc. They do make one bit make more sense (which you may or may not reach) but they actually really annoyed me on some other points. However, knowing that you already know the books I shall only mention them if its really relevant (this is by my standards of course).

        BTW, you’ve probably already twigged, but I took all gamebooks storylines VERY seriously (except for Sagard…)

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