Flight From the Dark

Flight From the Dark – Attempt 2, Part 2

If you remember where we left you, my loyal viewers, I was just about to have a civilized (and yes, Yankees, its civiliZed) chat with the refugees.

And when I say ‘refugees’, I mean the idiots walking down an open road while evil flying reptiles are gliding overhead.

Before I can roll my eyes, ask them questions about recent movies, or shrug my shoulders in disdain, a bunch of Kraan (remember, they are the flying monsters) attack the helpless refugees.  Conveeeeeniest timing, since it was at the exact time when I had emerged from the cover of the forest and was asking casual questions of the refugees.

Project Aon Link – Refugee children

In an astonishing (no, not really) development, a wagon breaks down right in front of me, with the children on said wagon screaming for help.

I have the choice of rescuing them or leaving them to their fate.

Aside : Although the narrative is pretty clearly crafted to weight the decision in favour of trying to save the children, there is a genuine utilitarian argument in favour of moving forward, and asking the children to fend for themselves.

However, notwithstanding those arguments, Lone Wolf is a (TM) hero, who cannot restrain himself from such a situation.

And you thought my philosophy major wouldn’t have a practical benefit….

Rescue ahoy!

As I run towards the ‘stranded’ wagon, several Giaks are deposited by a flying Kraan, with homicidal tendencies gleaming in their collective eyes.


Well said, anonymous boxer from the Depression era.

I refuse the (repeated) opportunity to flee to the cover of the forest, and fight the (3) Giaks as if they were a ‘single’ enemy.

Giaks : CS : 15, E : 13

I slaughter the Giaks, while my own Endurance is reduced, in said battle, to 14.  It is worth noting that it appears that no tangible benefit accrues to me from saving the children, apart from personal satisfaction.

Well, I suppose that is the actual definition of sacrifice.


That picture is only peripherally relevant, but hey, I just love it anyhow.

In any event, I craftily run into a conveeeeenient nearby farmhouse.  I discover a Warhammer there, in which I have no interest.  I search the room thoroughly, and discover enough scraps of food to make up another Meal.

I stick to the cover of the forest, until the Kraan and their (cannon fodder) riders move off to another area of the country.  Before I can even check the tunes on my Iphone, I see that the elite riders of the Kingsguard are approaching.

Hoping that Jaime Lannister is not among them, I call out to the allies.


Non-Game of Thrones people who are reading this :  (1) I apologise for you not getting that reference (2) Seriously, I pity you. (3) Really, you’re reading my ramblings rather than the epic painstakingly created over decades by George R.R. Martin?? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?


In any event, the member of the King’s Guard offers me a lift to the location of the Prince. Because I, in theory, don’t know what’s about to happen, I gleefully accept, and he drags me onto his horse.

Thanks to all my loyal readers, but tomorrow this will be happening, and I think that, win or lose, I will not be in any state late tomorrow evening to post another update tomorrow.

Go Hawks!


Stats : CS : 17, E : 20, GC 26,

Weapons : Dagger, Sword

Backpack : Meal (x2)

Special Items : Map, Crystal Star

Final paragraph : 97


28 thoughts on “Flight From the Dark – Attempt 2, Part 2

      1. I don’t think I have ever seen my Brother In Law as nervous as this. I’ll tell Shaun to look out for you. Lilly and I are watching it at home. Go Dogs!!! Woof Woof!!!

        Liked by 2 people

  1. Most annoying thing about the three Giaks is that you’re told they stab their spears (plural) at you but even if you have weaponmastery in spears are you allowed to pick one up? No! Will be showing the cat photo to mum.

    Enjoy Fridays Match (Go Hawks) and good luck with the next fight.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. From the Guardian “For the vanquished veterans, the end of one of the great runs in the game’s history…. For the Hawks,… hopefully celebration at the phenomenal achievements of this group of players. This may be the end of the road for this group, but if it is, their contribution to the game should not go unrewarded.”

    As lghr knows, the Bible acknowledges “the race does not always go to the swift or the battle to the mighty nor do those with knowledge always have success”. I’ll stop now.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Completely unrelated to the tragic and heartrending results of today’s match but last night your playing of Lone Wolf moved me to play through again myself, within the hour I was squashed to a bloody pulp. As far as I’m concerned this is entirely your fault 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you my friend. I am not sure if we will get the same result next week. My brother in law is a died in the wool bulldogs man and he said that he cant watch next weeks match. His nerves cant take it.


      1. The bulldogs have come this far several times and lost. Their last premiership was on 1954. His grandfather played for them. The day after the grand final is his daughter’s Christening so we all have skin in the game, so to speak.

        Liked by 3 people

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