Flight From the Dark

Flight From the Dark, Attempt 2, Part 5

We were left in mid-dungeon, after Lone Wolf (ie. me) defeated a Winged Serpent which had craftily concealed itself (for an indeterminate period of time) inside an innocent statue!

As the serpent experiences its melodramatic death throes, a ‘secret’ door conveeeeniently opens in the east wall.  Not one to look a metaphorical gift horse in the mouth, I nip through before the book can have second thoughts and summon a minotaur or something.

I stroll casually yet carefully through various corridors and portals before being confronted by a large hall, a staircase, and then a closed door with a fairly idiosyncratic appearance.

Project Aon link – Underground door with lock

Two black and apparently magical candles illuminate the room (dimly, of course) while I contemplate the lock depicted in the link.  Interestingly, there is both a keyhole and a latch with a pin.

I can use a Golden Key (except I don’t have it), manually remove the pin, or use the skill of Mind Over Matter.

Aside : Although I don’t remember every aspect of this book, I do certainly remember this door, and chose the skill of Mind Over Matter specifically for this moment.

I use my skill to remove the pin, and see that the door opens to the outside (dark and spooky) area of the graveyard.

Just as I breathe a sigh of relief…


the disembodied head of a corpse does the whole ‘peek-a-boo’ thing, sending the ‘courageous’ Lone Wolf into a panicked run, trying to get out of this darn graveyard as quickly as possible.

I spy the outer works of the city (Holmgard) and as I sprint towards the city walls, I get cheered on by the guards, who apparently recognise my green cloak and outfit.

Since I’m wearing forest green, this is particularly appropriate :




I collapse dramatically into the arms of two soldiers who support me as I enter the outer fortifications of Holmgard.  A bloodstained and weary sargeant (rather tactlessly, I might add) asks about the whereabouts of the other Kai Lords, as casualties are apparently quite high (!) I tell him that I’m the last survivor and, once more, no effort is made to ensure that I’m not some apprentice thief who plucked a green cloak from the (apparently, plentiful) corpses of Kai Lords.

This soldier (described as brave, for no apparent reason) grabs horses for the two of us, and we gallop for the main walls of the city.  No word on the prince’s horse (who refused to enter the Graveyard), which is probably still wandering around the walls of the cemetery, wondering if the Melbourne Cup is starting anytime soon.


I reach the main walls of Holmgard, gaze up at the walls 200 feet high (!) (Aside : nothing compared to The Wall) and wonder what the morrow will bring…


Stats : CS : 17, E : 20, GC 26

Weapons : Dagger, Sword

Backpack : Meal

Special Items : Map, Crystal Star

Final paragraph : 129

11 thoughts on “Flight From the Dark, Attempt 2, Part 5

  1. The Holmgard walls may be smaller than The Wall but at least they’re properly manned, albeit without Jon Snow.

    LOL at Run Forest Run. Btw, you’re privileged, I never got the floating head because I didn’t have Mind Over Matter, blatant discrimination against the Psychically challenged 😦

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  2. That picture is positively demonic….I had to reach for my Rosary Beads.. For the record, our Author thinks the metaphysical realm is fantasy, he doesn’t believe it exists…he needs empirical evidence. He derides my beliefs.


    1. Short answer

      Its part of the reason you love him.

      Long answer:

      Continental drift was denied for decades despite the evidence.

      Scientists who said the human brain did grow new neurons had their careers ruined Despite the growing evidence that our brains do grow new neurons the opponents of the idea continue to fight it.

      We all grew up being told the world was about to run out of oil and it takes millions of years to make new oil.

      While not everone believes what I believe, to quote Morpheus, “My believes do not require them to”.

      And of course lghr, you and I do not believe the same things either. But we’re united in enjoying our Author’s writings. (I admit I’d love to see his performance in court, but only if I wasn’t on the opposite side.)

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      1. The issue with oil is not ‘running out’. The issue is the prospective inability to drill enough each day / week / month etc. to keep up with global demand. As every economics student knows, constriction of supply vs demand results in massive price increases.
        I have no issue whatsoever with altering my conclusions about the world around me based on changing evidence and expert opinion. One of the best things about science is the discovery of new things.
        Now – blog entry to write.
        And re Court appearances – Sun Tzu – ‘Every battle is won before it is ever fought’.

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  3. @Aussismurf. My tablet won’t let me reply directlh to your longer post. Agree with all of it. However we WERE told repeatedly that oil was running out or we’d passed Peak Oil years ago, and we were told this for decades, it was used to justify artificial shortages and price hikes. I still keep getting adverts claiming Saudi Arabia is about to run out of oil etc. But like you said I’ve enjoyed learning the truth about such matters.

    Our brains are designed to keep learning new things and Science is one way we have a supply of new things to learn. Now, I have your new blog to read, if you managed to die I will have NO sympathy for you.


  4. There was a time when I used to pick Mind Over Matter just for that lock. Then I found out how to get the Golden Key, and stopped bothering with that Discipline. Which worked fine for me until I tried the expanded Flight from the Dark and discovered that one of the additions is an unavoidable point where not having Mind Over Matter means a 50% chance of Instant Death.

    Incidentally, are you planning on covering the reissue here at some point?

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