Fire on the Water

Fire on the Water – Attempt 1, Part 4


Or masthanger!

Actually – mastfaller!

Luckily (literally, since it was an unavoidable R10 check) the mast misses me and crashes into the deck.  Less luckily, a splintered beam knocks me overboard, and I only manage to avoid drowning by grabbing onto a floating hatch cover.

(Lose 2 Endurance – down to 18).

Aside : No matter your skills or the craftiness in decision making, there is an unavoidable 1/10 chance of an instant death here, where if you are unlucky, Lone Wolf comes out second best in a mast vs head battle.  I took the liberty of doing the R10 check before logging out last night, just so this entry wouldn’t be two lines long.

Right about now, if I had been one of the those novices who chose a Chainmail Waistcoat as part of my starting equipment, I would have had to discard it here to avoid drowning.

On a more positive note, it looks like I don’t have to deal with any boyishly handsome freeloading stowaways called Jack who try and share my flotation device.

And while I’m at it, seriously Rose :


As I begin to calm down and note my surroundings, I can see that the Green Sceptre has gone the way of so many other ships, and joined Ariel ‘under the sea’.  After floating on my trusty hatchcover for several hours, in the morning sun I note a fishing boat off in the distance.  I can attempt to signal them with my cloak, or try to make my own way to shore.

Given that, as has repeatedly been made clear, my green cloak is the universal signifier of a Kai follower, it might be best not to draw such clear attention to myself.  Since I can now (after several hours’ drifting) spy land on the horizon, I back myself to make it there unassisted and anonymously.

After the requisite drama, where every bit of driftwood looks like Jaws, I do in fact reach the beach, but at the cost of losing my backpack and weapons.

I do retain my Special Items and Gold Crowns, so let’s just say for the sake of argument that my Shield, retained as a Special Item, was strapped to my back (!)

As I drag myself up onto the shore, I assume I bear a certain resemblance to a half-drowned cat.


Yeah…that’d be about right.

After I collect myself, I see some distinctive trees in the distance, which bear purple fruit. My Hunting skill confirms that the fruit is Larnuma, a healthy and invigorating edible local fruit.  I collect enough for two meals.

I then have a basic choice, once I hit the road, of heading east or west.  Absent any other choice, I know that Durenor (and their capital Hammerdal) lies to the east, so I head that way.

I walk for three hours without incident and then, as night falls, I take shelter in (!) a tree at the side of the road.

The rest (and my Healing skill) takes me back up to Endurance = 20.

I am wakened by a wagon heading towards me.  I can descend from the tree and flag it down, or heroically (idiotically?) try to jump on its roof  as it passes by.


Since there is no option 3 (allow wagon to pass), there seems to be no percentage in imitating a bandit (or similiar ne-er-do-well) and trying to vault onto a moving vehicle.  I act like any respectable hitchhiker, and try to flag a ride.

The driver, politely enough, says that they are a passenger coach, bound for Ragadorn.  I can ride inside (3 Gold Crowns) or on the roof (1 Gold Crown).  Given my recent immersion, I don’t fancy being exposed to the elements for another few hours, so I accept his price and enter the coach.


Final stats : CS : 17, E : 20, GC 40

Weapons : NIL

Backpack : Meals (2)

Special Items : Map, Crystal Star, Shield (+2 to CS), Seal of Hammerdal

Final paragraph : 37

One thought on “Fire on the Water – Attempt 1, Part 4

  1. So! You admit that you knew this was a potential Horned Cyclops moment but you left those who remembered the game waiting ALL night to see if you’d survive (and if you’d eat 3 day old pizza)? That was cruel, diabolical and very well played 😈

    As well as the shield you could also keep a helmet from Book 1 , your swimming skills must rival Avenger’s. Good reasoning on a way to avoid a mystery that really only the Novels explained. Next to Ragadorn, good luck in the big city.

    Liked by 1 person

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