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Fire on the Water – Attempt 1, Part 5

I enter the (comparative) warmth of the carriage, and make small talk with the passengers, to whom I doubtless explain my sudden appearance by the side of the road with some cursory excuse involving muggers, daylight savings, Robin Hood, hailstorms and time travelling mercenaries.

You know, keeping it believable.

Project Aon link – Interior of carriage

There are two woman and a man in the carriage.  Two guesses as to which one of the three is sleeping, and the first one doesn’t count.

One of the women converses pleasantly with me, and provides me with some local information which may well prove vital.

  • We are around six hours’ ride from Ragadorn, so goodness knows how long the walk would have been.
  • Since the death, of Killian the Overlord three years ago (now that is a great villain name) the area has been ruled by his son Lachlan.
  • Lachlan (whose name is presumably a reference to John Lachlan, better known as ‘Prince John’ from the Robin Hood tales) has since then ruled with an iron fist, bleeding everyone dry with taxes / levies, and ‘vanishing’ any who oppose him.
  • And this is the guy I’m trying to save from the enemy Darklords.  Hmmph.
  • I’m advised to leave Ragadorn ‘as soon as possible’, which accords nicely with my own intentions.
  • I can secure a coach to Port Bax at the coach station near the east gate to the city.

I need to eat one of my Meals as we travel, and I don’t see how Hunting could help me in this instance.

We arrive at our destination without further incident, and I immediately note a horrendous stench (in this seaport) along with a forlorn sign bidding me ‘Welcome to Ragadorn’.


I immediately make two Star Wars connections.  The first is the obvious : Mos Eisley, the original ‘wretched hive of scum and villainy’.

The other is the immortal line of Han Solo :


I can walk along roads inside Ragadorn leading to the north, south or east.  While I do want to end up at the coach station, it might be a good idea to see if I can replenish some supplies, particularly with a view to obtaining some kind of weapon.  As Al Capone said :

“You get further with a gun and a kind word, than just a kind word.”

Of course, following the advice of a murderous gangster isn’t normally my style.  *cough*. Anyway, here we are.

In any event, I walk north down Westgate Lane.  I spy a distinctive orange door (with no sign above it) distinguishing itself among the other shops.  However, my Sixth Sense helps me recall that, according to one of the (late, lamented) Kai Lords, in a tale from some time ago, this door hides the Silent Brotherhood, AKA the secret police!

Yeah, I think I’ll just keep on walking.


My current street turns into Beggars Lane, and I am immediately assailed on all sides with pleas from the (many) namesakes of the street for gold.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the act of getting out my coin purse may prove hazardous to my health, so I keep moving.

After then moving down Anchor Lane, I keep walking until I find myself outside the coach station.  Well, I made it here unharmed, but without passing any useful shops.  I note the sign indicating that the coach has a travel time of seven (7) days (sigh) and buy a ticket to Port Bax for 20 Gold Crowns.

20!?!  Yeesh.  Gouging at its most obvious.  We obviously need some government regulation of this clear abuse of monopoly power.

Sorry.  The legacy of having a father who is an economist.

Gold Crowns : 20

I note that the carriage to transport the passengers is (for the moment) empty, and take the opportunity of :

  1. Snaffling the comfiest seat;
  2. Getting some shut-eye before the journey begins.

And we’re off.  Surely nothing will happen over the next week, right?


Stats : CS : 17, E : 20, GC 20

Weapons : NIL

Backpack : Meal

Special Items : Map, Crystal Star, Shield (+2 to CS), Seal of Hammerdal, Ticket to Port Bax

Final paragraph : 10



5 thoughts on “Fire on the Water – Attempt 1, Part 5

  1. Nod of respect to Matteo.

    In fairness Lachlan isn’t one of the ones you’re saving from The Darklords, while WOTT made it clear from the start you were in a war with more sides than you could count and constantly shifting allegiances. Joe Dever instead lulls us in with an epic war of good versus evil while gradually letting us see that while the Darklords are evil … everything and one else come from a broad gamut. Ragadorn is sufficiently far from Sommerlund and Durenor that it would be costly to “remove” Lachlan and what could they replace him with? Modern day parallels are too painful to discuss here. I confess that as a teenager I found this juxtaposition of a great war between Naar and Kai while everyone else just goes off after their own plans VERY irritating, as an Adult I agree wholeheartedly when you praised Joe Dever’s worldbuilding.

    I confess I never twigged before why the man was sleeping, and I played that bit again only a couple of days ago.😂

    LOL at the chicken photo. I’m sad to say that your route through Ragadorn does show you’ve forgotten some useful bits, but also proves your playing honestly.

    7 days to Port Bax, Phileas Fogg may have gotten around the world in 80 days but he didn’t have The Darklords to contend with. Enjoy your coach trip.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I realize that this is almost a year late but Lone Wolf Club Newsletter Summer Special 1985 did clarify: “As regards to Meals, you can bypass eating a Meal during a journey by vehicle if you have Hunting. We assume that the coach must stop at some time to allow for ‘calls of nature’, if nothing else!”

    Liked by 1 person

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