Fire on the Water

Fire on the Water – Attempt 1, Part 7

As the Agatha Christie comparisons come thick and fast, my fellow passengers and I all make nervous comments as we stand over the body of the (nameless) driver.

Halvorc, in a practical comment, claims that he knows the road to Port Bax, and volunteers to drive the carriage.

While Parsion expresses nervousness about (us) being blamed for the death, Ganon and Dorier (somewhat self-righteously, I might add) state that the death was an ‘act of the gods’ and that, as Knights of the White Mountain, their word will automatically be believed.


Sounds like we’ve got a couple of avatars for Sturm and Mandorallen, you know what I’m saying?

Eventually the carriage gets moving (with Halvorc as temporary driver), and late in the afternoon we arrive at a small coastal village called Gorn Cove, filled with ‘thieves, outcasts and Szalls’.  Charming.

Ganon and Dorier manage to alleviate the villagers’ suspicions about the death of the driver, and we room for the night at an inn called the ‘Forlorn Hope’ (!!)



That is just some awful branding, right there.  They need to talk to Don Draper.



Although maybe that shouldn’t be their first choice for slogan.

I pay yet another Gold Crown for lodging, and my fellow travellers and I agree to meet in the bar after about an hour to decide how to proceed from here.

In a fairly transparent piece of foreshadowing, the words of Captain Kelman spring to mind as I return to my room :

“There is evil treachery at work and the enemy already has plans afoot to thwart your quest.”


As I am about to return to the bar, the innkeeper brings in a tray of hot food, and describes it as being provided with the “compliments of one of your friends”.

Project Aon link – Innkeeper with food

Now even at the age of 10, I was incredibly suspicious of this supposedly free meal, particularly when the book described it as ‘most appetizing’ and reminded me that I must eat a meal or lose 3 Endurance.

In any event, the need for any choice is removed when my Kai skill of Hunting helps me to notice several drops of poison (!!!) on the plate, being sap from the ‘gnadurn’ tree, a poison apparently used by assassins because of its lack of taste or scent.  I guess there wasn’t any Iocane Powder available.

Understandably, I race out of the room, intent on, Hercule Poirot-style, uncovering the identity of my (attempted) assassin.

I barge into the bar, and note that all of my fellow travellers are there.

I know this is leaving matters a bit short today, but I want to leave you all (or, more accurately, those of you who haven’t read this book) with this image of the cast of suspects, and see if your newbies can deduce, both from previous information and this picture, which one of them should suffer my fists (remembering I don’t have a weapon) TO THEIR FACE.

Let me know your thought in the comments!

Project Aon link – Picture of suspects

I’ll thank those with knowledge of this aspect of the adventure not to spoil things in the comments.

And sorry, this guy can’t help you.


Stats : CS : 17, E : 20, GC 16

Weapons : NIL

Backpack : Meal

Special Items : Map, Crystal Star, Shield (+2 to CS), Seal of Hammerdal

Final paragraph : 200


8 thoughts on “Fire on the Water – Attempt 1, Part 7

    1. While I missed the biggest clue first time round (something that’s been made a good deal more blatant in the Mongoose Books reissue), I did correctly guess the identity of my would-be assassin. Mainly because that character had been suspicion-inducingly nice a few sections back (in an incident not covered in this playthrough). So cynical, and yet so right.

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