Fire on the Water

Fire on the Water – Attempt 1, Part 9


Before I say anything else, read this.  Then watch this.

Then tell everyone that some dust sneakily crept into the place where you are sitting and buried itself in your eyes.



When we left Lone Wolf, he had just killed a priest (admittedly a false one), fled from police and stolen a horse.

Our hero, ladies and gentlemen.

As I leave the outskirts of town, I manage to spy a signpost, letting me know two things :

  1. The world of Magnamund also uses ‘miles’ for distance.
  2. Port Bax is 50 miles away.

Project Aon link – signpost

I ride all night, until, as dawn nears, I emerge from the Wildlands into the moors and foothills adjacent to the Durenor Forest.  This area comprises the (natural) barrier between Durenor and the Wildlands, and I am apparently a day’s ride from Port Bax.

I can once more use my skill of Hunting to avoid the need to eat a Meal from my backpack, and do so.

I then reach a classic fork in the road, with no signpost, because you know that such a thing would just make this whole quest thing waaaay too easy.


Because I have the skill of Animal Kinship* I go right, confident in my ability to conquer the challenges of this quest.

[* Veterans of this book know exactly what I’m talking about here.]


After just a short period, the track becomes overgrown and difficult to traverse.  My ride becomes slow and difficult, and I begin to curse the local council under my breath for allowing a public thoroughfare to reach such a state of disrepair.  Is this what the local residents pay their rates for???

Above the ferns, I notice a watchtower, which, to judge by the smoke rising for a chimney, is either occupied for has been  burned out by local ruffians (no doubtanother problem for the local council).

My Tracking skill confirms the correct direction to Port Bax, but I realise that the path is becoming so difficult that I will have to leave my horse here, and continue on without it.

I elect to stop by at the watchtower, and see if I can get something more formidable than my map to use in a fight.

As I approach the entrance, the dutiful Knight of the White Mountain (or an impersonator pulling off a great impression) throws the door open, and demands to know my purpose. Apparently my trusty green cloak has less and less effect as I move further away from Sommerlund.

Since the other two options are to lie (and why would I, to a member of an allied force) or to attack, I take the simple and sensible option of being completely truthful about my mission.  The knight invites me inside, but before I can even ask for a refreshing beverage, he demands that I show him the Seal of Hammerdal as proof of my identity.

The below approach won’t work, hmmm?


With not a lot to lose at this point, I flash my ring and he promptly accepts the veracity of my mission and, more importantly, offers me the pick of his supplies!

I express my thanks by snaffling :

  • Two weapons (a Broadsword and Mace)
  • A healing potion (+3 Endurance)
  • 3 Meals
  • 12 Gold Crowns

He also gives me some intelligence which could well prove vital :

  • At the ‘Rymerift’ I should take the path northward;
  • At the bridge, the password to give to the guards is “sunset”
  • The road after this leads directly to Port Bax.

I bid the (nameless) guard farewell and continue on (sans horse).

Aside : I’m catching up with my best friend tomorrow evening, so there may or may not be an update.  Plus my area of Melbourne is right smack in the middle of Bulldogs territory, so this suburb may become this :


Wish me luck.


Stats : CS : 17, E : 13, GC 50

Weapons : Broadsword, Mace

Backpack : Meal (x4), Healing Potion (+3 E)

Special Items : Map, Crystal Star, Shield (+2 to CS), Seal of Hammerdal

Final paragraph : 15




One thought on “Fire on the Water – Attempt 1, Part 9

  1. Firstly, Good Luck, I hope you took notes while watching The Purge.

    Secondly, fair play to Bulldogs, topping off a major victory with an act of chivalry.

    Thirdly, we’re never told Parsion is a FAKE priest, he’s even identified as priest in your combat, not Parsion. Also you took TWO weapons, THREE meals and all the guys gold when your own gold pouch was close to bursting? I’m only surprised you didn’t ask for his underware while you were at it. You were offered to take your “choice” , next you’ll go to a restaurant and demand everything on the menu.

    I always turned left … but I admit it sometimes got me killed.

    Liked by 1 person

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