Fire on the Water

Fire on the Water – Attempt 1, Part 14

I enter the tower, within which King Alin IV sits, apparently contemplating the economic benefits of a feudal system.

Axim and I approach the royal presence, and Axim hands over the Seal of Hammerdal to the King on my behalf.  While I reassure my newly naked hands that this is all for the best, King Alin mutters some formula phrases about hoping his reign would be one of peace before taking his (personal) key and opening the vault to allow me access to the room which contains the

[Drum roll, and building music]


Aside : Feel free to argue in the comments about who would win in a battle between the Sommerswerd and Sorcerak (TM Way of the Tiger)

I walk into the secret sanctum and raise the Sommerswerd high.  At the risk of combining pop culture references, I make sure to bellow “By the power of Grayskull…..!”


As I hold the sword aloft, my Sixth Sense helps me to divine the following :

  • This sword was apparently forged before the Sommlending, Durenese or Darklords were walking the earth.  It obviously can’t have been called the Sommerswerd then, so must have been called the……coolswerd??  Heck, I don’t know – argue in the comments;
  • According to myth, only a follower of the Kai can wield the Sommerswerd, and that otherwise it will lose its power.
  • When used against undead enemies such as Helghast (!) it doubles all damage.
  • On a practical level, the Sommerswerd adds eight (!!) points to my Combat Skill when used in battle.
  • If I possessed Weaponskill in either Sword, Short Sword or Broadsword this would add a further two points to that bonus.

Aside : At one point I criticised Weaponskill, because once you had the Sommerswerd, it only had a 20% chance of being useful. The knowledge now (from Project Aon footnotes) that this percentage is actually 40% doesn’t materially change my opinion.

So there.

Project Aon link – Sommerswerd

While I come down from my sword-inspired high, I discuss more practical matters with the King and his offsiders.

To sum up, the army will need only two weeks (!!) to ready themselves.  During this time the Royal healer restores me to full Endurance (not needed) and also gives me a ‘Laumspur potion’) which will restore 5 Endurance at a time of my choosing.

I also get told (in a totally ‘by-the-way’ fashion) that my man-crush Rhygar was killed by Helghast near the entrance to the Tarnalin.

We pause for a moment.


In an aside, it is mentioned that my Sixth Sense allowed me to have an idea of Rhygar’s fate even before I was informed of it.



Anyway, I’m sure that this improved Sixth Sense will be frequently referenced moving forward, and won’t simply be a throwaway comment.  Right?


On the thirty-third day of my quest (remembering that the deadline is 40) I return to Port Bax (the embarkation point) with Lord Axim by my side.

Gee – I swap my sworn companions fairly quickly.  More quickly than Tom Hiddleston girlfriends.

Aside : I assume that’s a relevant reference.  I’m not good on the Us Weekly stuff.

More importantly, the Durenese fleet is ready to depart, and I have the valued place on the flagship, the Durenor.  I’m hopeful that this is effectively the end of my active role in the quest, but the lack of references to paragraph 350 doesn’t leave me with a lot of confidence.


Stats : CS : 17, E : 20, GC 0

Weapons : Sommerswerd (+8 CS), Mace

Backpack : Meal (x5), Healing Potion (+3 E), Laumspur Portion (+5 E)

Special Items : Map, Crystal Star, Shield (+2 to CS),

Final paragraph :152


3 thoughts on “Fire on the Water – Attempt 1, Part 14

  1. Sommerswerd is a Special Item! ahahahah, your rule lawyer. Anyway Sorcerarc and Sommerswerd are similar but for their origin…it would be a fair fight where only the right skill to use the weapon will win! And Honoric is a pot-belly guy slower than Lone Wolf…so our Kai Knight will surely win (yelling “For the Kai”)!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AH Timothy, you know how to set your fans arguing.

    Honoric with Sorcerak killed a Storm Giant single handed (well, ok, he probably used both hands). Only towards the very end of the series would Lone Wolf be able to do that, therefore most of the time Honoric has at least an edge on Lone Wolf. However while both swords protect from magic Sorcerac appears to only have an aura of fear whearas the Sommerswerd adds EIGHT to your combat skill. So while my money would be on Honoric I’d consider the Sommerswerd a more powerful weapon. And fair point on Weaponmastery, unless you cheat its not much use.

    I don’t know who Tom Hiddleston is and I don’t want to know either (you’re not getting me googling to work out your references this time) but I still like the joke. Ok you did get me to google Economic Benefits of the feudal system. .. but the net is acting up again.

    And finally King Alin Iv saying he wanted his reign to be known as a time of peace when in the last few years they had an invasion of Ice Barbarians who the late Rhygar had to defeat has struck me as laughable since 1984.

    At least it should be plain sailing from now on…

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  3. Maybe the Sommerswerd was always called the Sommerswerd, and somehow influenced the derivation of ‘Sommerlund’, ‘Sommlending’ and other related names.

    Your Sommerswerd-enhanced Sixth Sense may give you advance knowledge of Rhygar’s fate, but so would common sense, if you take a moment to consider that he was last seen preparing to single-handedly defend a tunnel entrance from half a dozen undead monstrosities despite not having a weapon that could in any way harm them.

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