Fire on the Water

Fire on the Water – Attempt 1, Part 15

Aside : In the list of powers conferred upon me by my MEGA-WEAPON (also known as the Sommerswerd) I should have mentioned that it also gives the ability to absorb any magic that is used against the wielder (ie. me).

Probably won’t be important.  After all, what are the odds of coming up against a enemy wizard while on an ocean voyage, surrounded by a fleet?


Having said that, we all know that there’s gonna be at least some kind of trouble on the way home, right?

For three days and nights the fleet sails on its way to Sommerlund, before a black enchantment of some kind descends, with the sailors and soldiers apparently losing their eagerness for battle.

Aside : Personally, I think that only a fool is ‘eager’ for battle.  Ready?  Yes.  Prepared?  Absolutely.  Determined? You bet.  Eager??  Doubt it.

Apparently this paragraph is really nothing more than flavour text, because the book blithely goes on to mention that this problem abates the next day, just in time for the mood of the navy to actually be relevant.

This is because we’ve sailed into an entirely different genre of movie, as ‘death hulks’, seemingly raised from the ocean floor to confront the Durenese navy.


Now THAT’s a potential heavy metal album cover!

These ‘ships’ block the entrance to the Holmgulf (the bay containing the capital) and the flagship acts in a distinctively unfriendly way by ramming the flagship (on which I stand), with Admiral Calfen having no choice other than to give the order to ‘Abandon ship’.

I have an interesting choice : I can jump to the deck of the enemy ship, where I won’t drown (at least not immediately) but will be surrounded by enemies.  Alternatively I can leap into the ocean and try to swim to a friendly ship.



Counter-intuitive as is seems, I think I’ll leap to the enemy ship, not least because that was the same option Luke chose in the desert battle near the start of Return of the Jedi.  Will my Sommerswerd be as effective as Luke’s lightsaber?  Time will tell.

In a moment worthy of a Buster Keaton movie, I land on the zombie ship’s deck only to crash straight through it and land in the hold below.  Immediately I’m attacked by the ‘Zombie Crew’ and yes, that is the name they are given in the book.  With my new armory, I’m confident.

Lone Wolf : Combat Skill : 27, Endurance : 20

Zombie Crew : Combat Skill : 13, Endurance : 16

I manage to take out the zombies for the loss of just 2 Endurance.  No word on whether my wound means I’ll become a zombie in the next couple of days, but here’s hoping.

I then manage to lose another point of Endurance from the foul (zombified?) air in the hold (down to 17).

My Sixth Sense warns me of an ‘evil creature’ approaching the door.  It could be a member of the undead, or merely a Trump voter.

Aside : And, seriously?  Anyone who has heard the latest story about that degenerate and even considers handing him the nuclear codes or letting him deal with world leaders…..yeah, I’ve got nothing.

Back to nicer creatures, like evil murdering zombies.

As a Helghast charges through the door, I manage to wound it, before starting another battle.

Lone Wolf : Combat Skill 27, Endurance 18

Wounded Helghast : Combat Skill 22, Endurance 20

The Combat table treats me well, and I take out the Helghast without suffering any further wounds.

I make my way back up to the deck, and see that battle rages all around.  In particular, I note a burst of fire emerge from a tower at the rear of the ship I’m on, taking out a friendly vessel, with the crew diving and falling into the sea, while their clothes and hair are aflame.

Children’s nightmare fuel, everyone!

Project Aon link – Sailor on fire

Determined to prevent any further attacks of this kind upon the fleet that is rescuing my countrymen, I vow to investigate the tower.

Stats : CS : 17, E : 19, GC 0

Weapons : Sommerswerd (+8 CS), Mace

Backpack : Meal (x5), Healing Potion (+3 E), Laumspur Portion (+5 E)

Special Items : Map, Crystal Star, Shield (+2 to CS), Sommeerswerd

Final paragraph :166


14 thoughts on “Fire on the Water – Attempt 1, Part 15

  1. I long wondered if The Darklords could exert the force required to raise all those ships from the bottom of the sea why didn’t they just exert the same force down on the Durenese fleet to send it the the bottom of the sea???? I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical explanation…

    Only fools are “eager” for battle? Maybe true, but unfortunately there’s a lot of fools out there. Remember the U.S. civil war and WW I are both noted for the initial rush of willing volunteers ready to go out and bop the bad guys, but when the war dragged on for a few years most of the fools were dead and conscription had to be brought in to round up the more cautious. I’d say if a second Durenese fleet was required it would take a lot more than two weeks to muster. Still you were lucky with your die roll. I hate the option where two ships are lost prior to you even meeting the enemy.

    I want you to know that because of you I had to go and check several different video clips to get exactly what happened in the Battle Over Sarlaac!!!! All this pop references you keep dropping give some of your readers a lot of work you know. Anyway, Luke first cleared the boat he was on, well, yours is sinking so that’s not an option, then he jumped onto the other small boat to slice up the crew there (although with the technology of the time it looks like he just waves about and they leap off with hideous screams) because they’re shooting at his boat, as your boat is sinking noone is shooting at it so that doesn’t apply either. Only afterwards does he jump onto Jabba The Hutt’s main barge and that partly to stop their cannon from firing at Han Solo but mainly so he can get his hands on a sexy slave girl who just happens to turn out to be his sister. One shudders to think of the sort of slave girl to be found on a rotting Zombie ship. However, while your logic may be flawed the conclusion is perfect. And I think the Sommerswerd is better than a lightsaber because A) a lightsaber has to physically be manouvered to deflect laser bolts while the Sommerswerd sucks them in and B) the lightsaber won’t freeeze over and die if used by someone who isn’t a Jedi Knight.

    As for the Children’s nightmare fuel, remember you pointed out that the sight of the decapitation of a priest/monk of Beatan the Free didn’t mess up your childhood so this just goes into the general mish-mash. So, you’re now going to investigate a tower with an evil wizard in it, is it the only one or are there Two Towers?????

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    1. Re Luke, I was partly referencing a line from the novelisation (which I read waaay too many times) / ‘When outnumbered, attack. It confuses the enemy and turns him in upon itself.’


  2. Re Trump and his voters. Obviously I try to stay clear of political debates and I certainly wouldn’t be voting for him even if I was an American. The trouble is summed up by the sign on some American lawns, “All the Candidates suck, why can’t we just stay single this time”.

    Because Trump is just … such an ogre it tends to make Clinton look good just by contrast but her opponents have reasons to oppose her and unfortunatly they’re kind of stuck for alternatives. We know ighr’s reasons for opposing Hillary Clinton but others include

    1) The number of murders of people who had dirt on the Clintons has many convinced they were assassinations. Were they? I don’t know, but that doesn’t change the fact that they happened.

    2) You rightly point out Trump’s bad attitude to women, but many remember the lies and smears that Hillary Clinton supported against Monica Lewinsky until it was proven that she was the one telling the truth. So much for sisterhood.

    3) She was part of the policy decisions that destroyed Libya as a nation (which has resulted directly or indirectly in thousands of deaths) and was then in charge of the State Department when it refused to give extra security to the US consulate in Benghazi. (The claim that she directly provided weapons to Jihadists however is just nonsense uttered by people who don’t comprehend the reality that if you hand out weapons you can’t control where they’ll end up, but that’s a side point).

    4) Neither she nor Obama set the deadline for pulling troops out of Iraq, but they still pulled out when it was clear the country was going to go belly up after the Americans pulled out. Now the problem with this one is that its true that Iraq is and was a basket case due to long and short term American (and others) policies of the past 40/50 years but at the end of the day they tried to both pull out AND remain active. If you stop being someone’s lawyer you stop being their lawyer, you don’t try to not be involved but also make half hearted attempts at mopping up some of the bigger messes that happen because you’re not their lawyer anymore. Like it or lump it they messed up again there.

    5) I admit that I was secretly pro-Hillary Clinton in the past. The turning point for me, (which with your leftist tendencies you may remember) was when Israel was basically doing something else stupid, she spoke up and said that it was wrong and was just going to cause trouble. She obviously got pulled in and her next speech, which in fairness she looked sick to be giving, praised Israel and all its decisions. She made a choice there to support what she knew was wrong just to keep her hand on the power. It was what politicians do, but it also tells you what sort she is.

    So is a probable murderer, who slandered and abused girls who themselves were abused, who has destroyed entire countries and who is prepared to abandon her principals to hang onto power the sort of person who should have the nuclear codes?

    Boy, am I glad I’m not having to choose between that pair. But the fact is, if you believe in the democratic process you HAVE to choose. And they’re what you’re left with.

    Now, I’m happy to be corrected on any of the above matters. I got some of my information from a Californian (Democratic Heartland) who’d also done a university course in how the world works (she was surprised to discover that how open it was that its broken) and she was explaining why others in the Democratic Heartland were so … disgusted with their current choices, but I’ve also checked more details from the Net (and we all know how reliable it is). Again, I’m not supporting either side or saying how anyone should decide to vote, each person can make their own choice there. I’m just answering how people could actually look at Trump and think he might be the better one. (Or as Lisa Simpson once said of Mayor Quimby “This time he’s the lesser of two evils”).


    1. Alright. I’m going to be much, MUCH briefer than I would like, because I don’t want this page to become mired in political debate, when we could be arguing about imaginary contests between magical swords.

      1. The whole ‘Clinton death count’ is a ridiculous conspiracy up there with the purported faking of the moon landing. The great Urban Legend web-page Snopes is your friend (and is very interesting generally)

      2. Please point out said ‘lies and smears’. I have no doubt that Secretary Clinton wasn’t a big fan of Ms Lewinsky, but if someone indulged in that kind of activity with my wife, I probably wouldn’t be very fond of them either.

      3. The Benghazi incident was NOT due to any fault of Secretary Clinton and several (Republican-headed) Congressional Investigations have found this,

      4. Iraq was CLINTON’s fault?? Seriously?

      5. I generally agree with you about Israel, but US politicians of almost all stripes pretty much support Israel’s actions blindly. This is an open secret.

      By contrast, Trump is right now in the middle of a Court action wherein he is being sued for allegedly having sex with a 13-year-old.

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      1. Israel is one of the very few Democracies in the Middle East. That is why the US and our Government support it’s right to exist, although it is popular to question this if you are Left Leaning.


  3. My Son and I are taking 2 hours out of our work/Uni day tomorrow just to watch the debate together tomorrow. I can’t believe what I am seeing and hearing. The problem is Clinton, not only has no reverence for Human Life, she is also a proven liar. What choice do Americans have?

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      1. It’s like watching a car accident, you can’t look away. My Son thinks Trump is a maniac. It is such a mess. We are making a long lunch the debate, I am so looking forward to it. I actually think Trump is a double agent, sent to destroy the Republicans. How can anyone be this crazy?? God help the whole world if he wins.

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      2. I’m an American who strongly supports Hillary Clinton for president. Like her, I support the right for women to have an abortion. I believe protecting that right is safer for women, and that quality sex education and access to birth control (which many anti-abortion Americans also oppose) reduces abortions. Clinton’s attitude toward human life is better exemplified by her fight for children’s health care (the Children’s Health Insurance Program).

        Aussie, I’ve lived in my hometown all my life, but I am single with no kids, so moving somewhere else isn’t out of the question. I deal casino table games for a living (favorite game is craps). Do you know what Australia’s policy toward gambling is, especially in the big cities like Sydney and Melbourne? Could I get a casino job? And how good is public transportation (I don’t drive)? I am intrigued by the beautiful Australian women I’ve seen; of course, they’re usually actresses and models.

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      3. Gambling is presently legal in Australia, and all states have at least one Casino. Each state government’s current policy is for no further casinos to be built. If you google Crown Casino (Melbourne) or Star Casino (Sydney) you should be able to get more information re jobs and other stuff. I couldn’t tell you much about job opportunities, etc. at the casinos. Public transportation is fairly good in Melbourne (where I live) with a network of trains, buses and (yes, still) trams! Sorry to tell you, but I have already snaffled the most beautiful woman in Australia, but you’re welcome to settle for second best if you can.


    1. I remember at one point the leader of one of the political parties (Labour) had a sudden surge of popularity. The comedians pointed out this was becase people were thinking “Not Fine Gael, Not Fianna Fail, Not Shinners, Not…” Sure enough the surge didn’t last long.

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  4. Thank you again for your prompt replies. Even though I like living here and don’t like travel, I get on imagination kicks where I just pick up and relocate (as I’ve heard others do successfully). I once imagined working on a cruise ship, then realized my car/bus-motion sickness may be exacerbated by ocean waves. Looks like your local casino just offers part-time dealer work, for citizens or permanent residents only. I’ll have to search elsewhere for adventure, intrigue, and lovely women with awesomely-exotic accents.


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