The Caverns of Kalte

The Caverns of Kalte – Background


A new adventure beckons!

But before any of that, we get a brief recap of my triumph against the Darklords, including notes of the attempts by Vonotar to obstruct my mission at every turn.

In a development sadly lacking from other books, the King of Sommerlund acknowledges and rewards my feats.  Having said that, he does this by granting me the title of ‘Fryearl’ (!?) of Sommerlund, which apparently involves the area around the Kai Monastery now falling under my protection.

Sounds more like a chore than a reward, but there you go.  Feudal economics for the win!

Then juuuusst as I was beginning to actually get some practical work done (commencing the rebuild of the ruined monastery for starters) messengers appear summoning me once more to the capital.

This appears to be the start of a disturbing trend.  Should I simply set up shop in the King’s guest room, so as to be ready for his summons?

Aside : This is a bit similiar to the ‘Bat-phone’ in the 1966 Batman series.  At the start of the series, Commissioner Gordon and Chief O’Hara would at least make a token attempt at solving a crime before bringing Batman in to help.  After a while, they’d be “Bank robbery?  Get Batman, I’ll be having lunch at my club.”

In any event, the far north arctic area of Kalte is inhabited mainly by ‘Ice Barbarians’ with their ruler taking the ceremonial title of Brumulmarc.  The current Brumulmarc (a tongue-twisting title if ever there was one) has been cast down and, you know, killed.

The culprit?

[Deep scary baritone].


Apparently he tricked the previous ruler into taking him on board (presumably on a sweet commission deal) as in-house magician and counsel.  Then he imitated Michael Corleone by way of a midnight coup, although probably with less operatic music.

The population of Sommerlund, fresh out of gratitude for being saved from a Darklord invasion, are now demanding that the renegade traitor be immediately brought to justice.  And the King thinks that the only possible way of doing this is, rather than an appeal to the UN, to send the last remaining Kai on the quest.

Aside : Is this really smart?  I mean, the Sommerswerd was one thing, since a Kai was the only one who could wield it, but wouldn’t it behoove the King to try something else before potentially wasting such an irreplaceable and valuable resource?


I get to select another Kai Discipline.  The four remaining to choose from are Mindblast, Mindshield, Camouflage and Weaponskill.

Weaponskill and Mindblast probably aren’t on the table for the moment, due to the massive Combat Skill boost from the Sommerswerd.  Mindshield might be helpful, and will probably be the next choice.  Camouflage it is!

Extra equipment!

I get 14 Gold Crowns, to partially make up for the APPALLING theft by the Noodnics (last time I trust a rat!).

I receive a Map of Kalte, which I’m sure will come in handy :

Project Aon link – Map of Kalte

I also get to pick two further items.

Aside : I know I’ve mentioned this before, but this ALWAYS takes me ‘out’ of the book, because, although necessary for game balance, there is not even a token justification given for why, on a mission vital for your nation’s safety, you can’t take as many useful items as you can carry.  Especially things such as food, which can hardly be in short supply.

Having vented, I take a padded leather waistcoat (+2 Endurance) and a Potion of Laumspur, which adds 4 Endurance if swallowed after combat.

Aaaannnnd we’re off!



Base Stats : CS : 17, E : 20, GC 14

Modified Stats : CS : 27, E : 22

Weapons : Sommerswerd (+8 CS), Mace

Backpack : Meal (x5), Healing Potion (+3 E), Laumspur Portion (+5 E), Laumspur Potion (+4E)

Special Items : Map, Crystal Star, Shield (+2 to CS), Sommerswerd, Padded Waistcoat (+2 E)

Kai Rank : Guardian

Kai Disciplines : Camouflage, Animal Kinship, Tracking, Hunting, Sixth Sense, Healing, Mind Over Matter

6 thoughts on “The Caverns of Kalte – Background

  1. It’s interesting to see all these different Lone Wolf covers. I noticed your first two had black-and-white scarecrow Lone Wolf in the corner, with a full-color murderously badass Lone Wolf ready to kill some Darklord scum (#2 even features a sword thrust TO THE THROAT!) The snow barbarians on skis look completely ridiculous, but ten-year old me might have been impressed. The ones you have at the top are what I grew up with, and the creepy hunchback magician from Kalte might have been my first gamebook cover I ever spotted, helping draw me in.

    Your Batphone comparison is silly since Sommerlund didn’t have that technology. They would obviously have lit a huge fire, used Guild magic to change its color and focus it, and generated a silhouette of a giant green cloak into the night sky.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hi guys! In my opinion it doesn’t make sense you carry with you 5 meals…it’s been a year since you collected them, i mean they surely have been gone bad after 1 year! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I have to say that I’m very disappointed with Matteo here. A proper rules lawyer would have looked at the book and noticed you keep the weapons and special itemsfrom the previous book BUT it says nothing about keeping your backpack items. Thetefore your backpack should only have one item. It says later you still have gold from the previous book if you bravely/suicidally took on the Helghast instead of cowardly sneaking through side tunnels like and with a rat.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve gradually come to the conclusion that fryearl means you think you’ve joined the nobility only to discover you’ve been burned. Still agree wholeheartedly about the only two item rule if this is your first book, but the food is explained later.

    In fairness to the King he left you to get on with rebuilding the Kai monastery for a whole year while he got the rest of the land cleaned up so that “few of the scars of war remain”. During this year Lone Wolf done … well nothing actually. Work was “about to begin” yeah right. As for sending you off, Kai lords aren’t a hereditary caste, in his mind others can be raised as Kai lords if you don’t come back and if you do then you’ve proven yourself and sorted out one of the dozen things he needs to do before breakfast (he probably wishes he could sing he is a pirate king).

    Now go prove your indispensable.

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    1. And who is going to raise them as Kai Lords? I remember specifically that in section 200 of Book 5, it states that if you can’t recover [CERTAIN ITEM] upon your death the Kai will become extinct. So I think the series accepts that you actually need to reach a certain level of knowledge and power to ensure that others may follow in your footsteps.

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      1. Touche. Please note I said “in his mind”. Higher management often underestimate the difficulty of replacing expensive but highly experienced staff. My post had some bitterness in it. But again, at one point there were no Kai Lords, and Kai is believed to still be around and therefore able to raise more. Or as Gandalf said “The ring is not the only force active in the world”.

        And I salute your having not just the book but the specific section as well.

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