The Caverns of Kalte

The Caverns of Kalte – Intermission



Just a brief note to say that, due to work and family commitments, I just won’t be able to manage daily updates for the next little while.

I’m hoping to have anywhere between 2-4 updates per week, but I’ll certainly keep things going.

This playthrough will not be defeated!

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places.”

– Ernest Hemingway



2 thoughts on “The Caverns of Kalte – Intermission

  1. Oh, right, your FAMILY. You do realise that if you keep giving your family priority like this then in ten years time while colleagues and rivals are complaining about how their third marriage (to a trophy wife of course) is on the rocks and their kids won’t talk to them you’ll still be living with the most beautiful woman in Australia (your words) and teenage children who adore you!!! Is that really what you want??? Is it??

    Evidently so, well don’t go thinking that your fans will be waiting because we’ve no lives of our own, … I mean some of us must have other things to do, … I know ighr does anyway … when did you say you’ll post again?

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