The Chasm of Doom

The Chasm of Doom – Background


Welcome back, team!

There is an extensive background section for this book, given the need to refresh our collective memories after our triumphant return with Vonotar.  I’ll summarise the background, but for the curious, here is the link to the word-for-word reproduction :

Project Aon link – Book 4 The Story So Far

Bullet points!

  • Ruanon is a remote mining post to the south of Sommerlund, operating under Baron Vanalund
  • A month ago all contact with Ruanon ceased, a cause of particular concern since the wagon train of gems and ore didn’t arrive at the Sommerlund capital (Just in case you were naive enough to think that the main priority was safety of the citizens of the town)
  • Yes, this is primarily a quest launched due to economic concerns, why did you ask?
  • In a move which does, admittedly, finally give weight to my (individual) importance to the country, the King’s first response is not to grab the Wolfphone, but rather to dispatch 100 cavalry led by Captain D’Val.
  • Subsequently, no word has been received from this troop.
  • I’m having serious flashbacks to the initial premise of Hot Shots 2, given the description of each posse being sent to retrieve the last one.
  • Aside : Full points to the monks in Hot Shots 2 who have taken a vow of celibacy ‘like their fathers and their fathers before them’.
  • In a classic example of ‘mission creep’ I now have to : locate D’Val and the missing members of the cavalry, discover what happened to the missing gems / ore convoy and just generally find out what the heck is going on down in Ruanon.
  • I get 50 rangers to support me on this quest, and spy a black crow (!!) on the wall at Holmgard as I leave the King’s presence.  It is lucky I’m an atheist, since otherwise I’d treat that as a bad omen.

The book specifically states that I can only take Weapons and Special Items from the last adventure over to this book, and not Backpack Items.  As silly as I think this rule is, as a (Rules) lawyer, I shall obey it.  I guess my Meals and Laumspur Potions get recycled and gifted to the less fortunate individuals who live around the Kai Monastery.

I get to pick another Kai Discipline.  As stated earlier, Weaponskill is the least good option, so I take Mindblast, for the ability to sent some psychic bolts of lightning to unsuspecting opponents.

Given my choice of equipment, I am given a Special Item comprising a ‘Map of the Southlands’.

Project Aon link – Map of the Southlands

Secondly, I get 10 extra Gold Crowns.

More importantly, I can take up to six (!!) items from the list given.

Aside : I know I’m a broken record on this point, but please FSM, give some kind of in-universe reason as to why the last of the Kai, on a mission for the security of the nation, can’t take, say, an extra Warhammer.  I mean, seriously?

Anyway, I take :

  • Two Laumspur potions (each one +4 E)
  • Chainmail Waistcoat (+4 E)
  • 3 Meals

And before you ask (*cough* Rules Lawyers *splutter*), Project Aon specifically confirms that you can, in fact, wear a Padded Leather Waistcoat and a Chainmail Waistcoat at the same time :

Project Aon link – Armour compatability

Aside : My Kai rank is now that of Journeyman, which is fitting given that I am ‘journeying’ to the southern outpost of Sommerlund. (See what I did there!)

Base Stats : CS : 17, E : 20, GC 24

Final Modified Stats : CS : 29, E : 26

Weapons : Sommerswerd (+8 CS), Mace

Backpack : 3 Meals, 2 Laumspur potions (+4E)

Special Items : Map, Crystal Star, Shield (+2 CS), Sommerswerd, Padded Waistcoat (+2 E), Chainmail Waistcoat (+4 E) Blue Stone Triangle Pendant, Diamond, Ornate Silver Key

Kai Rank : Journeyman

Kai Disciplines : Camouflage, Animal Kinship, Tracking, Hunting, Sixth Sense, Healing, Mind Over Matter, Mindblast (+2CS)

Final Paragraph : 1


30 thoughts on “The Chasm of Doom – Background

  1. Your comment about Backpack items not being able to be carried from previous books into this one piqued my interest, so I went and checked the text of the other Kai series books (the Project Aon versions; not sure if print versions were ever different).

    All of the books say that you can take Weapons and Special Items from one book to the next, but they don’t specifically say that you can’t take Backpack Items. The fact that only Weapons and Special Items are mentioned would indeed seem to imply that Backpack items are prohibited, but it would be nice to have confirmation on that within the book if that was Joe’s intention (as opposed to him just forgetting to list Backpack items as among those transferable).

    The Seventh Sense program, which keeps track of stats and equipment for you, does allow backpack items to be transferred from one book to another. It doesn’t really make sense that you can’t take them with you, Perhaps Lone Wolf donates them to charity, or autographs them and sells them to raise funds for the construction of the new Monastery. 😉

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  2. will the outcome of the election influence the types of jokes ( ie if Trump loses, more sore loser type jokes)?? love your work babe, your twitter feed is hilarious lol :))

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  3. First can I just comment on the different types of towns shown on the map. That was part of the attention to detail that marks Joe Dever as a master world builder.

    Second I was expecting you to comment on the kingdom being able to afford you more equipment when Gold was at stake but not for you to be still complaining. You can take armour, shield, food, potions and TWO weapons but you STILL complain!!! On the other hand as Lone Wolf’s ( not Wolves) Lawyer it is your job to get him as much as possible. And very interesting re the armour matching. Never knew that.

    Third, while a pseudo jibe about the mission being more about the gold than the people is warranted it should be pointed out the preamble specifically states the “people” of the province benefitted from the gold in dem dare hills. Sommerlund may be a kingdom but its still the good guys. The novel for this adventure really infuriated me with its supposedly more “real” portrayal of Sommerlund.

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  4. According to books and Project Aon:
    “If you have successfully completed any of the previous adventures in the Lone Wolf series, you will already have your COMBAT SKILL, ENDURANCE points, and Kai Disciplines which you can now carry over with you to Book 4. You may also carry over any Weapons and Special Items that you held at the end of your last adventure, and these should be entered on your new Action Chart. (You are still limited to two Weapons and eight Backpack Items.)”

    According to me, this last sentence implies that you CAN take over your Backpack Items!

    Anyway it doesn’t matter, you have now the chance to take up six items that replenish completely your equipment.

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  5. I just found your blogs last week and I’m loving them. I once did a complete run of Lone Wolf. Never again. I don’t have the records with me at the moment, but I know it took me well over a hundred attempts. I believe the falling mast in book 2 killed 11 of my incarnations.

    In the Lone Wolf Club Newsletter #7, Joe Dever says that Backpack Items may be kept in Safekeeping along with Special Items and Gold Crowns, so at least from Book 5 onwards it is permissible to carry them over from book to book. In the Grand Master series (13-20), it is specifically stated that you can carry over Backpack Items.

    On the subject of Weaponskill, it can actually prove useful in this book in §§43, 207 or 209, as it gives a bonus to random rolls.

    By the way, 8 Disciplines makes a Kai Lord either a Journeyman or a Warmarn. In fact, Lone Wolf is a Warmarn, as §§54, 133, 253 and 289 show. The Magnamund Companion says:

    “At the rank of Warmarn or Journeyman, a Kai Lord was either sent into the service of the Sommlending Army to accustom himself to the command of troops, or sent abroad to gather information about the lands bordering his realm.”

    I get the impression that Kai Lords assigned to the military have the Rank of Warmarn, whilst those working in a civilian capacity are called Journeymen, but that’s just my opinion.

    Good luck with the rest of the series.

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    1. Welcome aboard, Gloccus! I bow to your obvious knowledge of background and details of the books (and the source material). The so-called ‘Backpack controversy’ is raging (!) in my comments section, and I was on the verge of saying that items that were clearly ‘non-perishable’ such as potions etc could be ‘carried over’ while I think keeping meals for months at a time between adventures seemed a bit much. I notice a lot of activity on my Way of the Tiger blog in the last few days – was that you?

      Thanks again!


      1. Yes, I did read the WotT blog a few days ago. My parents have been pestering me for something to buy me for Christmas so I was wondering whether Redeemer had been released yet and a well-known search engine led me to you. Once I was hooked I couldn’t stop. I was especially interested to see where you made different choices from me.

        For example, I always start with Climbing (to avoid the horned cyclops), Poison Needles (as either this or Arrow Cutting are required to survive the ninja attack in book 2) and Detecting Traps (so that I can do the “walking backwards spitting needles” trick in book 4) and add Acrobatics at the end of book 1 so that I don’t have to rely on a Fate roll when fighting the GM of Shadows in book 4. Although I picked the skills before book 0 was released, they also work quite well for that one.

        The first time I did an honest play through of books 1-6, when I was at university, it took me 19 attempts and Olvar killed Avenger more than anyone else. Like you, I took the valley route in book 3, thinking that the locket was worth a single roll of 6+. However, when I did books 0-6 last year, I actually crunched the numbers and found that the other route has a higher chance of survival. This time I was extremely lucky and Avenger only died three times: twice at the end of book 0 and once against the Devil-Beast. When I get Redeemer (after playing through it a few times “dishonestly” to work out the best route) I now have two characters waiting to try to complete the series.

        Thank you for producing two great blogs. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of Lone Wolf’s adventures.

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  6. All this deep backpack analysis and no comment on a Kai Monk being an atheist? What happened to the God of the Sun?
    PS love the natty multiple waistcoat option. Means you can unbutton & relax while staying respectful.

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      1. Point that. While its a Kai monastery with Kai monks the emphasis is generally on human achievements and skills. The novels and the Magnamund companion are more heavy on the dysfunctional trinity. But in the Gray star series Ishir is just a two line affair and I don’t think the other two are even mentioned despite all the other talk of gods and demons. This contrasts severly with WOTT but there gods seem more like great powers while the Lone Wolf trinity are creators (Terry Pratchett, the difference between a god and a creator is a creator actually has to do something.)

        That said, while you may be an atheist I don’t think there’s any way you can claim Lone Wolf is.

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    1. I’ve just seen the news.

      I can’t believe the news.

      While trying to remain neutral I will say now the rest of the world knows how Ireland felt when the IK voted for Brexit.

      Simpsons sum it up:
      Homer “When will people learn, Democracy doesn’t work”

      Bart: “Too late Mom the mob has spoken”.


      1. @ighr, the comment I heard most often in my part of Dublin was “He makes her look good”. Evidently not enough for enough American voters though.

        And as a long time stock market watcher I don’t tend to think much of its rises and falls, its too much of a con job

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      2. On the subjects of the election and stock market, the New York Stock Exchange just opened. Within five minutes, a biotech stock I own worth about 3% of my net worth, that hadn’t been doing well lately, shot up 10%, though it’s settled down a bit. And it’s because the market believes a Trump administration won’t take tough action on drug pricing, which does make sense. Still very disappointed in the election, my President and Wisconsin Senator picks both lost. Check back in 2018, where Trump won’t be running, but all of the House of Representatives and 1/3 of the Senate will be. It tends to serve as a barometer of what people think of the new President and his party (spoiler: they usually don’t think much of them).

        FenrirWG, I think there’s some truth to your view of the stock market being a con job. My view is it’s a bunch of people making the best guesses they can, loudly celebrating their hits, and trying to sweep their misses under the rug.

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  7. In my opinion, Clinton wouldn’t be so better…Situation like: “She was the lethal dose for America, Trump is the atom bomb, so chose your death my America” (“gamebookly” speaking). I’m Italian, they fooled us around for Berlusconi (that pig)…now dear America you chose YOUR Berlusconi and you’re not better than us 😉

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  8. Alright, as a left leaning political junkie I am in a state of shock. Not just disappointment (that happens every time a right-wing conservative is elected) but disbelief.

    Firstly, I want to mention that the candidate who received the most votes (by a yet-to-be-determined number, but probably several million) was Secretary Clinton. It is only through the pathetic patchwork election system in the United States that this other creature has been elected.

    Secondly, independently of my completely and utter disagreement with every laughable ‘policy’ that this stunted man-child has come up with, I keep running up against his clear incompetence and buffoonery.

    There is one fundamental fact : This election is the first thing at which Donald Trump has succeeded in his entire life. He’s failed as a son, as a husband, as a father, as a brother, as an uncle, as a businessman (many, many times) as a citizen (cf tax avoidance, corruption etc) and as a human being.

    He has amply demonstrated, without apology or concessions, that he is sexist, racist, corrupt, a liar, a cheat, a con man and a thief. He steals from the government by not paying taxes, he steals labour by refusing to pay those from whom he commissions work. As stated by over a dozen women publicly (and many more privately) he is a serial molester and harasser of women who then thinks nothing of bragging of such crimes when he thinks he is among friendly (or complicit) men.He engaged in a tacit agreement with Russia to influence the election, thus making him a traitor to his country of birth.

    His laughably thin-skinned temperament has been on display for all to see. His infantile tantrums upon being insulted or disobeyed in even the slightest way are clear.

    And that is what (a sufficient number of) Americans have voted for.

    I put the chance of nuclear war within the next 12 months at around 10-20%, the chance of a global recession at around 40%.

    Secretary Clinton, a good and decent public servant for most of her adult life, who has suffered so much more than the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, deserved (and deserves) so much better.

    But it looks like the rest of us don’t.

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    1. Actually I think your post is rather restrained. Personally I’d consider the chance of a nuclear war lower than that (Putin likes him and ISIS don’t have nukes) but sadly agree on Global Recession risks. Thing is, as Clinton found, now his sexual escapades are going to be public knowledge much faster.

      Other thing everyone keeps forgetting whenever a new president takes charge is that he can’t pass any laws without both Senate and Congress agreeing to it. Although they’re currently Republican held he still needs to convince them to go along with each of his ideas and in two years the voters will give Senate and Congress back to the Democrats.He will be able to order more assassinations and undercover arms shipments but they all do that.

      Finally re who really won, every voted for government everywhere is voted in according to the rules. Often the loser complains that if it had been counted differently they would have won, but when in power they generally only change the rules to improve their own chance of winning. According to the rules Bush, Obama and Trump all won.

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    2. Now that the Electoral college has voted I find it interesting that twice as many Democrats went against their candidate as Republicans did. While its true that such defections were purely symbolic, its still interesting symbolism.


  9. @ighr Not to hijack our Author’s site for another religious flamewar but you know Deuteronomy 32:5 “They (the people) are the ones who have acted corruptly, They are not his (God’s) children, the defect is their own, They are a crooked and twisted genetation”. I.e. I’d put the blame for Trump squarely on American voters.

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  10. @T-Man, you may never see this comment but just to say that I also have shares in a canadian medical company (yes, I am in Ireland, people have had shares in companies in other countries for thousands of years) and since last year their value has gone from 3 dollars a share to now 14 dollars to share. How much of this is the Trump effect I don’t know but I was very happy to sell some shares and pocket the profit.


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