Lone Wolf – Artistic Interlude


Fair warning – no gamebook related content here.

Just got home from a reunion gig of one of my favourite local (as in Melbourne, Australia) bands, being The Earthmen.

Their shimmering, melancholy take on the ‘Britpop’ genre has always impressed.  For my favourite one of their heartbreaking songs, check this out :

That line “When love walks in / do you feel cold…?” has haunted me for (literally) decades.

On that note, since several (alright, 2) of my readers have asked about my non-gamebook writing, here’s a piece from my younger days.  I attempted to capture the mixed emotions of losing someone romantically, and being torn as to whether that was a development that would benefit you or not.


A Loss in Several Parts


I embrace the fading mist

As this vision slips away

To love is past this time

A wistful smile the only hope

Can redeemer save me now

From a gaping hole of hate

In a web of bitter lust

See your fury keep you sane

I’m these pieces of your past

A fragment of your soul

To remember summons pain

In a note too harsh by far

What lurked behind those eyes

That gleamed with light of hope

Was truth a foreign tongue

To those words that drew me in

The heart will lie so clean

In an all too eager world

Hearing your voice echo through dark

With words no longer pure.


Yes, I listened to a lot of The Cure and Tori Amos, why do you ask?

12 thoughts on “Lone Wolf – Artistic Interlude

  1. Only in a breakup can you put “a gaping hole of hate” beside “a web of bitter lust”

    “The heart will lie so clean, in an all too eager world”, if I understand correctly this refers to our being too willing to believe there was something there when there wasn’t. Ok, I’m not good at interpreting poetry but good poem. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Well, I don’t like over-explaining, but the latter couplet references the idea of the heart being ‘clean’, as in exposed or vulnerable, with the world being ‘eager’ to taint or attack this vulnerability.

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