The Chasm of Doom

The Chasm of Doom, Attempt 1, Part 9

And we’re back, while you may have noticed that you observed a successful example of SOCIALISM (turn away, you Yankee readers) as I gave Captain D’Val his sword back, since I already had two.

Luke 3 : 11, anyone?

Oh yeah, that’s right – John the Baptist was a downright COMMUNIST!



While my more right-wing readers recover, the more caring members of our little band of soldiers head out to the barricade to defend our comrades.

We note the enemy cavalry pouring from various sides and, more worryingly, cowardly foot soldiers are herding terrified Ruanese in front of them as human shields.

D’Val accurately, in response to these tactics, calls Barraka a ‘cur’, but, before we can more effectively condemn the enemy for declining to follow Marquis of Queensbury rules, a hidden catapult (concealed behind enemy lines) flings an explosive into our midst which sprays my allies with burning oil.  In the confusion, the enemy footsoldiers promptly cast aside their human shields and attack.


Juuuust when things ‘couldn’t get any worse’ (although I didn’t actually say that phrase, because that is REALLY tempting fate) D’Val calls from my assistance, as his cloak and tunic are ablaze.

Project Aon link – wounded soldier

Luckily, my advanced Kai rank of Warman [Warperson?] allows me to take charge. Ordering a couple of soldiers to aid D’Val, I jump on a convenient wagon and see that the enemy has reached the outer perimeter, being less than one hundred yards from our wall.

If only Captain America was here (@ 1:35 of the below clip).

As the Vassagonian (!?) bandits charge (where the heck is Vassagonia??) I order several volleys of arrows, which stop the first wave of attackers dead in their tracks.

Scattered attackers reach the barricade, and I am confronted by one particularly obstinate varmint.

Lone Wolf : CS : 29, E : 25

Vassagonian Warrior : CS : 18 E : 25

I defeat the upstart at a cost of 2 Endurance (down to 23, after Healing taken into account).

I don’t even get a chance to loot the body (!) before I am informed that D’Val has routed the other soldiers with the aid of friendly archers.  As the cries of victory echo from our lips, I am warned of a ‘new threat’.


A ‘mantlet’, which is a fancy word for a wheeled wooden blockade, is pushed towards our barricade, and said mantlet appears temporarily impervious to our collective volleys of arrows.

Project Aon link – Mantlet

In act of bravery which goes unacknowledged by the text, an enemy mage steps out from behind the mantlet and, although cut down and killed by an arrow, lets off a fireball towards our barricade, killing and wounding many, while shattering our protection.

The enemy cavalry, in a disciplined display, choose this moment to charge, with one likely fellow pointing his lance directly at my chest.

I can stand and fight, or retreat to the watchtower.

Although it personally may have some danger, I am aware of the potentially serious effect on morale of a war leader such as myself refusing to face the danger sought by my soldiers.


That reason, too.

I am calmly told that we initially can only fight one round of combat.

Vassagonian Horseman : CS : 20, E : 28

Lone Wolf – CS : 29, E : 25

I lose 2 Endurance in the first round of combat, but manage to unhorse my opponent.  While smiling wickedly with his (British dental, presumably) blackened teeth, he charges at me with his broadswrd

Notwithstanding the previous combat check, I am informed of default new stats as follows :

Lone Wolf – CS 29, E : 24

Bandit Horsemen – CS : 17, E : 24

I luckily end the enemy’s wretched life in one blow, and now note (at a distance) the leader of the enemy troops, attempting to rally his men.

Project Aon link – Enemy leader

Grabbing a nearby bow, I take aim.

And, for the first time in four books, I actually regret not taking Weaponskill as a Kai discipline, as it would have helped with my aim in this situation.

Not to worry…..[gulp]….my R10 check is a…..4.

This is a middling result, which means my arrow pierces the enemy’s shoulder.

Aside : Seriously, how often in action movies / books is the ‘shoulder’ the go-to ‘wounded but not fatally’ option?  And seriously, do these people realise how incapacitating a shoulder wound actually is?

Project Aon link – enemy soldier

In any event, I see that the enemy leader is still attempting to rally his troops and, noticing that my quiver is empty, draft a Sommlending sargeant into temporary service and ask him to shoot this specific enemy, and he obliges, landing a shaft into the leader’s heart.


Aside : Um, did he really need me to ask him to do this?  He’s obviously an expert archer, he has a clear shot on the enemy leader (who is wounded and therefore slow-moving) but this sargeant needed my directive to take the shot?  I’ve heard of disciplined, but this is ridiculous.

Anyway, enemy dead, let’s move on.


Base Stats : CS : 17, E : 20, GC 38

Modified Stats : CS : 29, E : 26

Weapons : Sommerswerd (+8 CS),

Backpack : 1 Meal, Laumspur potion (+4E), Holy Water, Brass Key, Tinderbox, 1 Torch, Shovel (2 slots).

Special Items : Map, Crystal Star, Shield (+2 CS), Sommerswerd, Padded Waistcoat (+2 E), Chainmail Waistcoat (+4 E) Blue Stone Triangle Pendant, Diamond, Ornate Silver Key, Scroll with Verse (para 84 of tCoD)

Kai Rank : Journeyman

Kai Disciplines : Camouflage, Animal Kinship, Tracking, Hunting, Sixth Sense, Healing, Mind Over Matter, Mindblast (+2CS)

Final Paragraph : 323

15 thoughts on “The Chasm of Doom, Attempt 1, Part 9

  1. I’m not leaving comments on every post, but I’m still loving them all.

    I don’t want to nit-pick, but it’s Warmarn, not Warman. I can understand the confusion, since it doesn’t appear to be a real word, at least in English.

    I won’t say “I told you so” about the Weaponskill, not just because you made the roll anyway, but because a base CS of 17 gives you a bit of leeway when it comes to extra fights.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. You’re completely right about the Warmarn / Warman error. I always just assumed the counterpart of ‘Journeyman’ would obviously be ‘Warman’.
      Well, there you go.
      Interestingly, almost all the google results for ‘Warmarn’ are Lone Wolf references, and not historical data!

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  2. Oh man, I remember that picture of the bandit leader bellowing at his troops, with the nose guard running down that long nose. To me, the very picture of the arrogant officer that all the grunts secretly (or openly) hated. At least until I saw a little movie called Animal House and met a certain Douglas C. Neidermeyer, who was later killed by his own troops in Vietnam. The actor who played him, Mark Metcalf, lived in my area for over a decade and starred in a low-budget movie made by a budding filmmaker I knew. According to him, Metcalf was an anti-Neidermeyer, just a pleasure to work with.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Its amazing how often the actors who successfully portray total jerks are, IRL, absolutely sweethearts. For example, Larry Linville (who played the vile Maj. Frank Burns on M*A*S*H) was apparently one of the most beloved members of the cast, who only left the show because he felt the character had become too ‘one-note’ and had no-where to go.

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  3. Makes sense that actors and actresses would often portray characters who are very different than themselves, as much of the appeal and allure of acting/theatre is the opportunity to be someone unlike yourself.

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  4. Another great example of an actor completely unlike his character is Larry Hagman, who portrayed J.R. Ewing on the immensely popular American soap opera “Dallas”. Ewing was the epitome of the amoral, evil, scheming, womanizing capitalist, and Hagman was a devout socialist, loyal husband and about as nice a person as you could ever meet according to those who knew him.

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  5. While Matteo Renzi is the baddest (and dumbest) of all the politicians…and he’s not an actor, typical example that ass*** are ass**** even in real life 😀


  6. Finally!!!

    So not content with war in your playthrough, war in your Cap America video and starting war with British Dental you decided to also go for war with your far-right / fundamentalist readers as well. Real shame that noone else took the hook. In my defense, among other things I also had, and have, war at work (and seriously, what sort of idiot decides to make war on their own retail staff just as the Xmas rush is about to begin??? One of the main arguements in favor of communism is capitalists).

    Anyway, nice to see you using the Bible in your posts Aussismurf, Surprised you also didn’t use Acts 2:44,45 “All those who became believers were together and had everything in common, and they were selling their possessions and properties and distributing the proceeds to all, according to what each one needed” or Acts 4:34,35 “In fact, no one was in need among them, for all those who owned fields or houses would sell them and bring the value of what was sold… In turn distribution would be made to each one according to his need.” Of course the fatal flaw of Communism with its “From each according to their ability, To each according to their need” is it aspires to have humans accomplish without God what can only be accomplished by God.

    And on the subject of needling comments, if the universe was run on Communistic principals the Universe would consist of a sprinking of atoms throughout the Void, its only through the principle of increasing accumulation of material that we have Stars and Planets to go round them. If there’s a good Communist response to that I’d be interested in hearing it (it was a line of my dad’s, but he was bitter because he joined the Labour Party in Glasgow only to leave in disgust when they rejoiced at being joined by The Orange Order (who I imagine you’ve heard about even in Melbourne)).

    Back to Lone Wolf, Lone Wolf actually upholds the principle of Private Property by returning Captain D’Val’s property to him. Also re the clip I can’t help feeling that Captain America would have commanded more instant respect if he’d had a GREEN cloak … and if the Police were Sommlending. Cool clip by the way, really made me want to see the movie.

    And you FINALLY saw why we kept saying you should get Weaponskill … ok, so otherwise its got 60% chance of being useless for all 5 books but still … ok, maybe not when you’re going to play honestly (damn you for setting a higher standard for us lesser players to scowl at while re-rolling our dice). And in fairness to the sergeant, with a full battle on it can be hard to keep track of everything going on. Captains (and Warmarn) look at the bigger picture, the Sergeant usually just looks at his own immediate troop (a generalisation I know but I trust you know what I mean).

    All told, this was a section I always found really exciting in the Gamebook and I found your play through of it really exciting as well. Thanks a lot Timothy, I mean it. 🙂

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    1. Appreciate your thoughts and comments, as always. I am not a Communist, although I flirted with Marxism at university, as so many do. I would probably describe myself as a Social Democrat, although subject to certain individual thoughts and principles.

      And taking down the enemy commander would be a good way for a Sergeant to become a Captain.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. For what its worth I knew you’re not a Communist, you’re comments, especially with ighr, have indicated Socialism/Leftist leanings but with a sense of humour and realism of all extremes. I wouldn’t have gone for the jugular so much had I thought you might be offended.

        I confess to quite some ignorance of the flavors of the leftist spectrum. Prior to going (mostly) non-political I was quite right wing, well very right wing, during the Cold War which was a time when everything tended towards extremes so tended to view most of the left wing with undeserved distrust and an unfair throwing of everything in together. An additional reason I’m sceptical of people getting the vote at 18. If it wasn’t for the country I was in I’d probably have been more left-leaning, but when you’ve a terrorism campaign going on in your own country you then towards rejectionism and extremism. Was very amused to find out a few years later that one of my then close friends and I would have wanted to kill each other if we’d met in our old lives.

        And sometimes people don’t rise through the ranks for the right reason. Knew a German banker who agreed during the Cold War that Germany needed an army right up to the point they were conscripted, then he still thought Germany needed an army, just not the one they had. It was particularly the Sergeant’s he had contempt for, they weren’t good enough to leave the army and get a different job and they weren’t good enough to rise to Officer rank. He could soon control them because he could handle all their financial and banking problems for them. Which is my usual long winded way of saying “I agree completely”.

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