The Prisoners of Time

The Prisoners of Time – Attempt 1, Part 4

Aside : I give advance warning that, come what may, this will be a shorter entry.  Tomorrow  (Australian time) I will be personally arguing that fresh evidence means that a Judge should prevent my client’s former wife from moving the children of the marriage approximately 1,000km away.  I’ve been preparing for around 5 hours after the conclusion of the normal working day.

Back to mere life-or-death situations!

Serocca, the (somehow trustworthy) half-lion half-woman, commends a guide to me, being T’uk T’ron, a stocky yet armoured Ookor soldier.

I restrain myself from telling Serocca about what a tosser T’ron turned out to be in the Dragonriders of Pern series.


Serocca gives me a kiss on the cheek (!!) and sends me on my way.  She obviously doesn’t know about how a parting kiss is the method used by women in romantic comedies to keep the guys hoping….

Check out this scene from an extremely overrated movie at 1:55

Back to Lone Wolf.

My guide T’uk T’ron (hereafter known as TT, because there’s no WAY I’m typing that out ten times) puts me and my escort posse into chariots drawn by horse-like creatures known as ‘onipa’.

Project Aon link – Chariots with onipa

After three hours of travel we reach a village, and TT suggests stopping here for food.

Like a sucker, I of course agree to stop, and in the bar / cafe an elderly villager offers to tell my fortune.


I accept, and my R10 check of 5 means that, and I qupte directly from the book  :

“[Lone Wolf] will dream of when you were young. In your dream much will be made clear to you. This dream is good. It will help you grow strong and defeat your enemies.”

Ummm, that sort of vague rubbish sounds like I overpaid for it, even though it was free.

In any event, we finish our meal and leave.  No mention is made of currency changing hands, and I can only assume that our smiles are payment enough.


After further travel, we come across a bridge crossing (duh) a river.  My advanced Huntmastery is able to confirm that the bridge is significantly damaged, with just enough planks strewn over the top to give the impression of being safe.

Further, my Pathmanship skills further confirm that the trees to either side of the road contain concealed enemies, waiting to ambush any who seek to cross the bridge.

As a group we take cover behind the chariots, while TT and his driver go to examine the damaged bridge.  I can either accompany them, or stay with the chariots.

Given that I’m, you know, the whole reason they are in danger, I screw my courage to the metaphorical sticking place and accompany TT.

As creatures known as ‘Agtar’ launch their screaming ambush from the trees, I call an end to my 16 hour day.

Sorry for the abrupt post, but I’ll let you know about Court in the next couple of days….



Confirming details of the JUNE FUNDRAISER :

As many of you may (or may not) have noticed, this humble blog has a ‘buy now’ button on the lower right-hand side.  This is for those who wish to make a financial acknowledgement of the work that goes into preparing 15,000+ words of gamebook goodness every month.

Any funds received will be used for the simple purpose of buying books, and particularly gamebooks.

There is the capacity to make both one-off and recurring donations, and, to make things a little more interesting, for this month of June I’m going to proclaim the following rewards :

Make any donation – Get namechecked in the blog, with thanks.

$5.00 (Aus) or more – Get namechecked and have me plug, on this blog, a web-page (including your own) of your choice (On the basis that same is not obscene or NSFW)

$20.00 (Aus) or more – Get namechecked, get the web-page plug, and have the responsibility for making a choice at some point during the playthrough of the current book.

$50.00 (Aus) or more – Get namechecked, get the web-page plug, have a choice in the book, and pick one of the Grand Master Disciplines at the start of Book 13 (if I get that far).

The above message will be placed at the bottom of each post for this delightfully freezing (in Melbourne) month of June…

Base Stats : CS : 22, E : 28, GC 10

Current Stats : CS : 38/38, E : 34/34

Weapons : Sword, Dagger

Weapon-Like Special Items : Silver Bow of Duadon (+3), Sommerswerd (+8 CS)

Backpack : Vial of Gold Dust, Rope, Lantern, Potion of Alether (+2 CS), Potion of Laumspur (2), Meal

Special Items : 1. Sommerswerd (+8 CS) 2. Platinum Amulet, 3. Obsidian Seal 4. Shield (+2 CS),     5. Padded Waistcoat (+2 E), 6. Chainmail Waistcoat (+4 E) 7. Blue Stone Triangle Pendant, 8. Psychic Ring 9. Quiver (5 arrows), 10. Fireseeds (6), 11. Map of Daziarn 12. Silver Bow of Duadon.

Extra Special Item : Signet Ring

Kai Monastery storage :

  • Backpack Items : Sack of Silver (3)
  • Special Items : Mao of Tekaro, Diamonds (2), Boat Ticket, Power Key, Copper Key, Ornate Silver Key, Jewelled Mace, Dagger of Vashna, Brass Whistle. Quiver (4 arrows), Pass, Vial of Clear Liquid, Crystal Star Pendant, Receipt, Invitation

Magnakai Rank : Scion-Kai

Magnakai Disciplines : Weaponmastery (+4 CS in Sword, Bow, Mace, Dagger, Spear, Quarterstaff, Broadsword, Warhammer), Pathmanship, Huntmastery, Divination, Invisibility, Nexus, Psi-Screen, Psi-Surge

Lore-Circles : Fire (+1 CS, +2 E), Solaris (+1 CS, +3 E), Spirit  (+3 CS, +3 E)

Kai Disciplines : Camouflage, Animal Kinship, Tracking, Hunting, Sixth Sense, Healing, Mind Over Matter, Mindblast (+2CS), Mindshield, Weaponskill (+2 CS in Short Sword)

Current paragraph : 282


One thought on “The Prisoners of Time – Attempt 1, Part 4

  1. When I started typing this it was already after nine in Melbourne and while I don’t know when the courts start I’m sure its too late to say All the best with your case but …with what you said All The Best with that case. I do hope you can get a good result on it.

    Some years ago a friend and her husband were distraught, not just because their son’s marriage had broken up, but because they had been looking after their grandchildren as their mother wanted to go out partying but once she was too pregnant for that anymore she took back her children and refused to let them see their grandparents again. The judge had ruled “The children are better off with their mother” and all the time they’d been looking after them was unofficial and they could do nothing. Years later I asked her about her son and grandchildren and she happily related that once they were in their mid teens they both just walked and bussed to their grandparents home and my friend and her husband were seeing them regularly after that.

    Really hope your clients case doesn’t go that way but it reminds us where there’s life there’s hope.

    Back to life and death matters.

    T’ron. Read Pern series before Lone Wolf but…never remember names. Tron could have referred to the film character Tron but the ‘ is distinctive. On names though, last year when it was finally obvious my mum had dementia but before I could get her on medication (she put up resistance for quite some time) she was convinced that the a member of the family across the road kept entering the house “by a window that isn’t there” (her writing). And what was the name of this evil family, this name she was cursing every time I saw her? BYRNE!!! Needless to say you were slightly renamed until the medication kicked in. (Also had an excellent and lovely coworker named Sarah Byrne who had to be hurriedly renamed too). Only good thing was with the Dementia she didn’t remember your real name anyway so that was ok. I truly hope noone reading this ever has a family member with dementia but if you do, the medication can’t cure but it can certainly ease the symptoms.

    Enough anecdotes.

    Why do you assume Serocca doesn’t know the purpose of the kiss of doom. She’d spent the time Lone Wolf was sleeping watching “visions”, yeah right. She knows you’re going to be a big hero in a Universal war and she’ll be going, “Oh yeah, Lone Wolf, yeah he has a thing for me”.

    Haven’t watched the movie, watched the clip, read the Wikipedia, cried over the unrequited love.😢 Got my revenge over my emotional turmoil by inflicting wandering anecdotes on you. Your move Aussiesmurf 😈

    Fortune telling may be vague rubbish and overpriced even when its free but but but actually there is no but. In fairness the bridge could have been crossing a ditch or a canyon. While its noble of you to accompany TT into danger (especially considering your preference to avoid danger) I fear they’ll more be used to soak up arrows. Still, you’re finally about to have some hack and slash.

    Hope you got enough sleep and again All The Best with the case.


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