Interlude – Grand Master Transition

So – Lone Wolf has become a Kai Grand Master! Cool, huh? Full disclosure – as someone who was a pretty serious chess player in my youth, when I hear the words ‘Grand Master’, I pretty much always first think of the chess title. Aside : One of my favourite ever movies is Searching for… Continue reading Interlude – Grand Master Transition

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The Cauldron of Fear – Attempt 3, Part 4

After wiping out the Crocaryx, I reflect on the comforting fact that I am stranded, alone, lost, surrounded by enemies, and am busy wandering aimlessly around an underground complex. That’s……a fair point.  Thanks, Tyler. After creeping down the corridor which was being guarded by the Crocaryx (is that singular or plural? Or both, like fish?) I… Continue reading The Cauldron of Fear – Attempt 3, Part 4


Interlude – Editorial

Given the robust discussion which has blown up in the comments section to my last post, and the requests for my opinion (as if I need a request before I give my opinion on something) I thought it would be best to set out my thoughts on Yassmin Abdel-Magied  in a separate post. That will… Continue reading Interlude – Editorial


Interlude – Anzac Day

No Lone Wolf content. For non-Australian / New Zealand readers, April 25 commemorates the 112th anniversary of the first major military action in which Australia took part since becoming an independent nation. Here’s the entry on Australian involvement in World War I. A couple of statistics : Over the course of World War I around… Continue reading Interlude – Anzac Day


Interlude – Ask Me Anything

As requested, there were a great number of queries from several readers left as comments to my most recent post, and here, as promised, are the answers! Maybe you’ve discussed this and I forgot, or didn’t read those Way of the Tiger blogs, but have you played the Fabled Lands gamebook series (and if so,… Continue reading Interlude – Ask Me Anything


Interlude – In Memoriam

And he’s back! And its like he never went away! Please, though, no sporting comments.  Hawthorn have lost their last two matches by a combined total of 170+ points, and currently sit 18th on the ladder. Yes, there are 18 teams. More seriously, and before I get into the interesting questions left for me during… Continue reading Interlude – In Memoriam


Castle Death – Attempt 3, Part 2

Aside : To the person who came to my page through the Google search of “Fire on Water Lone Wolf who tried to poison?” I hope you find what you’re looking for (Spoiler : The inn-keeper was in on it) Back to Castle Death, the delightfully-named romp that has taken the lives of two previous… Continue reading Castle Death – Attempt 3, Part 2