Flight From the Dark

Flight From the Dark – Attempt 1, Part 3

Dashing away from the scene of the (my first!) battle, I have to check my fate, moving forward, with an R10 roll, and am politely informed that during my flight I am held and scratched by thorns, vines, etc. and have to lose 2 Endurance points.  Luckily (you would think!), this really only serves to negate the Healing replenishment which has occurred over the last two paragraphs.

E = 5

I walk literally up hill and down dale, before being confronted by an ominously foreboding entry to a dark cave….

Project Aon link – Cave entrance

Because I’m an idiot (and because I need to hopefully muck around for a few paragraphs to get my Endurance back up) I decide to stroll casually, yet watchfully into the cave entrance.

As I fumble around in the darkness, some…thing…dislodges from the ceiling and decides to make mischief.

As if I didn’t have enough trouble, I have to deduct 3 from my Combat Skill for this fight due to the darkness.

E = 7

Project Aon link – Burrowcrawler

Since the Burrowcrawler has statistics of (CS 17, E 7) this could be a comparatively short entry.

Yes, that adjustment for the dark means I have a Combat Skill of, you know, NINE, for this encounter.

Let’s go!


That didn’t take long.


I can take some small comfort that, as the last survivor of the Kai, I took this anonymous Burrowcrawler to the grave with me.

For all those that stated that a Combat Skill of 12 wasn’t going to get me far….


Lone Wolf (Mark 1) will never see Holmgard…




15 thoughts on “Flight From the Dark – Attempt 1, Part 3

  1. Ah yes, I forgot that in this game both combatants can die.Just to clarify, you said your CS for this was 9,but with Mindblast you can add 2, does that make any difference?

    Have to admit that Weaponmastery wouldn’t have helped at all. Oh well, at least the fate of the world didn’t rest on you, oh wait…

    First of whats likely to be many Manly Macho Sympathetic pat on the back for you, your resolve to play honestly does you credit.

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      1. Even if you had had it, the Burrowcrawler is immune to Mindblast. I only remember that so clearly because the book also (rather redundantly) pointed out that the creature was immune to Animal Kinship as well.

        Maybe at some early stage in the development of the book, Animal Kinship might have given the option of evading fights against unintelligent opponents, but Joe Dever thought better of it, and missed that reference when editing out any references to the rejected idea.

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      2. Fair point, and welcome to the Playthrough. Please leave as many of your thoughts, comments and reflections as possible – I love all feedback and the small community here.


  2. Mindblast is very important early on imho. Probably more so than Mind over Matter. As for Weaponmastery, if I recall, the first book tries hard to offer you every kind of weapon available so it won’t be wasted. But you can probably skip it.

    If they haven’t changed the combat chart, the balanced ratio is actually -4 and not 0.

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  3. how do you explain the emails from Podesta (found by Wikileaks) where he is clearly using Pedo vernacular? where there is a smoke? There is a picture of him with references to Osiris on the palms of his hands, wtf.. I don’t believe in all of this crap, but clearly the people you hold in high esteem do .


      1. I am typing on the run here…what I meant is that i dont believe all of that occult luciferian crap that Hillary and her cohorts are into. . Why would a grown man draw occult references on the palms of his hands unless that is what he is into?


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