Fire on the Water

Fire on the Water – Attempt 1, Part 2

When we left Lone Wolf, and despite him being the last hope of his nation, he had been :

  • Only given limited options from the entire inventory of the castle armory;
  • Dismissed casually by the Captain of the Guard;
  • Driven to the docks by a military cohort consisting of one (1) driver;
  • Left to fend for himself at the docks, with only vague instructions;
  • Directed to a bar (to supposedly meet a ship’s mate named ‘Ronan’) with said bar being locked and barred;
  • Seized by mysterious hands and dragged into the darkness of the ‘Good Cheer Inn’.



You tell ’em, girl!

Given that this bar is, in fact, the place at which I was meant to meet my contact, I consider it highly likely that these ‘seizing hands’ are those of said contact, and not some overenthusiastic individual who has had his (or her) head turned by my cute green cloak.

As I pull free from the interloper’s grasp, I see that he is quite nervous and that he apologises for disturbing me.

I decide to sit with him at a table in the tavern, and, in a small bit of local colour, apparently note a friendly mouse nibbling on a piece of cheese.

Project Aon link – mouse

This presumptuous man then has the UNMITIGATED GALL to demand that I prove my identity before he takes me to the Green Sceptre!

Aside : Actually, given how much I’ve noted the gullibility of various Sommlending soldiers in the first book, I can hardly complain about this individual being the first one to show a bit of healthy suspicion and common sense.


I use my Kai skill of Mind over Matter to levitate a tankard of ale, and close my eyes as I bask in the (inevitable) applause.



And now!

A shocking twist!

This (now apparent) imposter sneers about how my existence as a Kai Lord is about to become past tense!


Three ruffians charge in through the door and appear to have definite homicidal tendencies!

(Yes, towards me. *eyeroll*)

Project Aon link – Three thugs

Oh, it is definitely on now…

Harbor Thugs (as one enemy) : CS : 16, E : 25

After a few rounds of pitched battle, I manage to knock off these three ruffians, while losing a mere 5 Endurance.

(Down to 15 Endurance).

These idiots have nothing of value, although I do note that each of them has a tattoo of a serpent inside their left wrist.

Secret society, or just collective teenage idiocy?

Snooping around, I find lying, behind a side door, the corpse of a sailor with a monogrammed (!!) jacket tag of Ronan, confirming that he is the ship’s mate that I was due to meet.

Hmmmm – interesting.

Thinking that it is best to leave, I nip outside the back door and make my way down to the harbor, keen to be gone.

I quietly ‘borrow’ one of the small boats from the harbour and quickly row across to the Green Sceptre, where I am speedily helped on board.



(Healing restores Endurance to 17)

Will the captain of the ship actually be receptive to my mission?

Will Hawthorn win in 2017?

Have you ever seen the rain?



Final stats : CS : 17, E : 17, GC 43

Weapons : Dagger, Sword

Backpack : Meal, Healing Potion

Special Items : Map, Crystal Star, Shield (+2 to CS), Seal of Hammerdal (thanks Matteo!)

Final paragraph : 300


12 thoughts on “Fire on the Water – Attempt 1, Part 2

  1. Hmm, both Avenger and Lone Wolf appear to have no moral qualms about stealing other people’s boats. Btw, your Character is nicer than mine, one reason I’d have Mindblast was specifically to demonstrate it on Ronan, how my teenage self expected to survive the ensuing sea journey is beyond me.

    “Will the captain?” No Spoilers

    “”Will Hawthorns win 2017″?” Um Ah, (looks around) No Spoilers

    “Have you ever seen the rain?” Irish saying, ‘Whats the difference between Summer and Winter in Ireland? The rain is warmer in Summer’.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So the Journey begins! Just because i’m the stickler one 🙂 the rules for Healing says: you may restore 1 ENDURANCE point to your total for every numbered section of the book you pass through “in which you are not involved in combat”…so i think you can restore only one EP (fight in 268, Ronan’s body discover in 333 but you can’t restore 1 EP because you pass a previous section in which you have fought and the start of the journey at 300),
    you’re stickler n.1 fun Matteo 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Poor Timothy, beseiged by critics and rules Lawyers. As a counter claim I’d point out your instructed to write on your Action Chart “Healing: +1 ENDURANCE point for each section without combat”, Combat is defined on pages 23 to 25 as when you’re effectively rolling the dice. So while in section 333 it refers to false Ronan escaping during the fight at this point the fight is over and you can claim 1 hp. Next in 300 you escape to the Green Sceptre without combat and gain your second hp.

        While its true Matteo and I have spent a ridiculous amount of words on 1 (ONE) hp that is still 5% (FIVE PER CENT) of your total hit points and you’ve seen much longer debates over much smaller percentages.

        As always accepting your decision (its your funeral) and looking forward to part 3.

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  3. I find it funny that Lone Wolf has 6 Kai skills to choose from to prove their identity plus a section for not being able to. Since the minimum number of skills you can have is 5, then everyone should have at least one skill to prove their identity, but you can still choose not to. And if you say you can’t prove your identity, the thug attacks you anyway rather than saying ‘Sorry, my mistake.’ and walking off. These books are great, but I feel that sometimes they are a bit railroady almost as if Joe Dever wrote the story first and then made sure that your character has to follow it. This is a minor problem in a wonderful series.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. In fairness to … a traitor??! If you’re not the real Lone Wolf then you’re still wearing The Seal of Hammerdal on your right hand and getting THAT is the main goal, not some kid who at most “aspires” to be a Kai Lord. And even if both it and yourself are fakes that can only be proven by killing you and taking it. They can hunt down the real when the decoy is gone.

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    2. The project Aon only gives you the chance to show off 5 abilities – Healing, Mindblast, Weaponskill, Animal Kinship and Mind over Matter. If you are starting with this book, and therefore only have 5 skills, it is possible you could have none of those five.

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