Fire on the Water

Fire on the Water – Attempt 1, Part 3

Aside : Before I say anything else, congratulations to the Western Bulldogs!  Briefly for non-AfL fans –

  • First grand final for them since 1961 (when they lost to Hawthorn, naturally).
  • First team EVER to make the grand final from 7th position.
  • Chance to only win their 2nd Premiership ever.

Back to Lone Wolf!

I use my ‘borrowed’ boat to make my way out to the Green Sceptre.  After an initial misunderstanding where I am mistaken for a ‘stowaway’, I am brought on board.

I guess my green Kai cloak is losing some effectiveness with the passage of time, eh?

A tall red-haired and red-bearded man, with a gold-braided uniform (!) orders the crew to cast-off anchor, and I guess we’re on our way!

Project Aon link – city silhouette

The captain is a man after my own heart, as he takes me to his cabin and pours us both a stiff drink before engaging in further conversation.


As we drown our sorrows, we gloomily reflect on the fact that the captain has lost a loyal first mate, and that it is also obvious that the enemy knows of my journey.

I do an R10 check to see what sort of fun is coming up on this voyage…

The lookout calls out that wreckage has been sighted off the starboard bow! Notwithstanding my bleeding-heart pleadings for us to check for survivors, the captain is obviously a conservative voter, as he shows little if any compassion for those less fortunate than him.

Oh yeah –


Maintain course, the captain cries!


The book confirms that, after three days at sea, my Healing skill restores all lost Endurance.


Just when I was starting to think that I’d misremembered how difficult this journey is, I smell smoke from the hold.  Rather than rush in by myself like an idiot, I sound the general alarm.

Project Aon link – fire in the hold

The fire is fought by every man on board and, when it is put out after an hour of frenzied activity, we count the cost.  The entire food and water store has been destroyed, and the mid-section of the ship is as weak as Donald Trump’s grasp on reality.

Just to make things even more worrisome, the captain asks me for a word in private. Normally this means you’re about to be fired or you’ve been caught cheating at poker.

The captain (whose name, for those curious, is Kelman, although he keeps being referred to simply by his title) throws on his desk a jug and oily rag, which are particularly out of place in the store-room.  Clearly we have been sabotaged.

Project Aon link – captain with evidence of arson

The captain makes the exact same point which immediately crossed my mind – the saboteur is on the ship which means they are willing to risk their life to try and stop this ship reaching its destination.

As we ponder this, we get confirmation that another ship has been sighted off the port bow.  The captain rushes up, and I follow, declining the opportunity to search his cabin.  If the captain was the traitor, he would hardly let me in on the fact that this fire was arson, would he?

Back on deck, we see that someone, presumably the saboteur, has stolen one of the ship’s longboats, and is making their way to a ship on the horizon.  As we briefly consider pursuit, a fog (presumably magical) envelops the longbow and ship, and when it lifts both have vanished.

The captain addresses, the crew, deciding that we will have to set sail for Ragadorn (about eight hours’ away) and put in for repairs there.  The captain gives me the unwelcome news that, since the repairs could take at least a week, I will have to make my own way along the coast to Durenor.

Here’s another link to the map of the relevant area.


Project Aon link – Map of the Lastlands


That evening, I make the rookie mistake of thinking that things couldn’t possibly get any worse.  I am promptly awoken by a storm which looks like it will put the ship in real danger.

Aaaannnd the mast breaks and topples over, looking extremely likely to land ON MY FACE.


Final stats : CS : 17, E : 20, GC 43

Weapons : Dagger, Sword

Backpack : Meal, Healing Potion

Special Items : Map, Crystal Star, Shield (+2 to CS), Seal of Hammerdal

Final paragraph : 197

4 thoughts on “Fire on the Water – Attempt 1, Part 3

  1. you just had to insert a reference to Hawthorn didn’t you? you couldn’t help yourself! Not a dry eye over here tonight. Now my poor brother in law has another week of frayed nerves and to top it off, I have started dating a man who is a Sydney supporter lol!! Saturday is going to be very interesting.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Well of course the Bulldogs won tonight, if they actually managed to beat the Hawthorn Hawks last week they’d hardly be beaten by the Giants tonight would they? Well done to them and if they win the League the Hawks can be proud.

    Personally I always preferred the options where the ship was attacked to just seeing aftermaths of other battles, but the Captain ignoring our pleas does confirm your previous comments that at this stage to most npc’s we’re just bit parts, I never got that before. At least you’re poker cheating remains a secret.

    I think the appropriate final word is TIMBER!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “If the captain was the traitor, he would hardly let me in on the fact that this fire was arson, would he?”

    OR SO HE WOULD HAVE YOU BELIEVE, THE DEVIOUS TRAITOR … oh, someone is escaping to another ship, and they disappear in a mysterious fog? Never mind.

    Liked by 1 person

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